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Responsible Tourism

Just a Drop

We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Just a Drop, an international water aid organisation that works to support water, health and sanitation projects around the world.

Just a Drop has helped over one million people in over 30 countries. Known for its work raising money to build wells and rainwater harvesting systems, and carry out health and sanitation programmes, Just a Drop recognises that providing a sustainable supply of water underpins economic growth, food and energy security. Working alongside communities and local partners, they ensure local people are trained in using and maintaining new water sources.

We recognise the importance of helping local communities and ensuring positive changes for our future. We are committed to sustainable development and have partnered with Just a Drop to support projects in Bolivia, Uganda, India, Kenya and Cambodia. These projects have provided local communities and schools a better chance at a healthy future.

In addition to donating funds to ensure project targets are met, we also focus on fundraising days and activities led by our staff. These have included a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016. 

Water well in Bolivia

Why water matters?

  • A child dies every two minutes from a water-related disease
  • Dirty water is the biggest killer of children under the age of five 
  • 844 million people globally don’t have access to clean water. That’s one in 10 people
  • Women and children walk on average 6km a day in search of water. These journeys can be dangerous, with women and children at risk of abduction, rape and animal attack
  • One third of the world's population, 2.3 billion people, do not have access to adequate sanitation
  • A lack of water has an impact on food production
  • Clean water empowers women and whole communities

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Just a Drop...

  • Is a water aid organisation founded in 1998 by Fiona Jeffery OBE 
  • Have completed over 180 projects globally, reaching more than 1.3 million people in over 30 countries
  • Provide sustainable clean water and suitable sanitation solutions to communities in need
  • Work closely with and advises local partners and communities
  • Train and educate local communities to fulfil a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, and monitor the facilities for a minimum of seven years after project completion

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Hayes & Jarvis...

  • Has donated over £100,000 to Just a Drop since launching our partnership in 2009
  • Has sponsored eight projects: one in Bolivia, one in Uganda, two in India and four in Kenya, benefitting over 6,000 people in local communities
  • Visited one of our projects in Kenya, at Miangeni Secondary School. A team of five staff members officially opened the school's new rainwater harvesting tank and spent time with the students and teachers
  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! The same team went on to complete a sponsored climb in 2016, raising £10,000 which supported our latest project in Kenya