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6 top destinations for celebrating the 4th of July

Alison Silva July 4, 2014

What is July 4th all about? If anyone asked me before living in the USA, I would have just said “a holiday with fireworks”; it wasn’t until I moved here that I understood the true meaning of the day. 

Also known as Independence Day, the 4th of July has been a holiday in the USA since 1941. It started back in 1776 during the American Revolution as the colonies fought for their independence from Great Britain. On July 2nd, 1776 Congress voted in favor of independence and 2 days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, which is a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson. This document is the nation’s most cherished symbol of liberty.
From that day on, the 4th July has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with the most common symbol being the American Flag and the national anthem of the United States “the Star-Spangled Banner”. It’s sung with hand on heart and with enormous pride by all Americans at many events, including all sports games, which I am sure you have seen either on a visit to the US or on TV. It wasn’t until I took American citizenship that I fully understood what a patriotic nation the USA is.
The 4th July is a day to celebrate with friends and family by watching firework displays; firing up the BBQ; eating hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie and ice cream; waving flags; wearing red, white and blue; belting out the Star Spangled Banner and drinking ice cold beer; all while feeling proud to be an American. The 4th July is celebrated on the actual day, which this year happens to be a Friday, making it a long weekend for Americans, so lots of getaways will be planned.
Here’s our Top Picks of places to spend the Fourth of July this year: 
Every day is a holiday in the Big Apple but there’s no better place to be than watching the firework show that takes place over the Hudson River. Get there early and nab your place on the west side of the river for that perfect view, take a dinner cruise around New York harbour or get a ticket for one of the many rooftop bars in Manhattan and watch the displays while sipping a cocktail.
Washington DC
The nation’s capitol puts on a spectacular July 4th celebration with a parade on the National Mall, followed with a performance by The National Symphony Orchestra, playing along with the firework display that lights up the city.
Home to historical moments like the reading of the Declaration of Independence, Boston celebrates the 4th with many events. The firework display over the Charles River is a big draw, but the Boston Pops is also a lot of fun and provides musical entertainment to the pyrotechnic show. 
Las Vegas 
This is one city that needs no excuse to party! And July 4th is no exception. Pick up a 4th of July pool party pass to gain access into 9 pool parties, 13 lounges and 16 nightclubs throughout the city. Or check out one of the Vegas shows or, of course, the firework displays.
The City by the Bay knows how to celebrate on the 4th July. Parties take place at Fisherman’s Wharf, with a free concert that starts in the afternoon as well as the fireworks display being launched not far from Pier 39. 
What better place to celebrate July 4th then in the city where the country was born. There will be parades through the historic city, a concert on the Parkway and, of course, a firework display over the Museum of Art.