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Touring and exploring

Adrenaline-filled adventures around the world

Matt Domm September 12, 2014

One of the joys of travelling is that you’re free to do what you want, wherever and whenever and there’s no-one to judge you. If flying to a remote island and not talking to anyone for a fortnight is your idea of perfection then so be it, but if you want to inject some thrill into your holidays then there are many exciting locations just waiting for you.

It’s far from easy to pick our favourite spots for adventure and excitement, but we’ve selected four for you to consider on your next trip away.

The Amazon River and Rainforest

Explore the Amazon
Rainforests and rivers have some of the most diverse ecology on the planet, and in the Amazon they both meet spectacularly. Hiking through dense forest and hearing wild cats in the distance is an encounter in itself, but from a base in Brazil’s Manaus—the main trading post for the rainforest—you are also able to see what the river has on offer.
The wildlife of the Amazon River changes from day to night, so each trip along it is exciting for different reasons. When the sun is up the natural phenomenon the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ is visible; while by night the river’s nocturnal creatures, such as the fishing bat, the potoo and, of course, the alligator come out to play.

Rapid New Zealand

Sometimes the best way to see more of a country is to be adventurous and this is certainly the case in New Zealand. It’s a lush green country that also has some of the most fantastic lakes and rivers that sit in between the rolling hills. Perfect, some would say, for a spot of rafting on the white waters, so visit our sister site Austravel for your down under travelling needs.
Arguably the most adrenaline-fuelled fun you can have on the waters in New Zealand is at the Shotover River. As its name suggests, you should expect speed, and you won’t be disappointed. A trip on a Shotover Jet boat sees you race between the canyons on this Queenstown river as you do your best to take in the stunning scenery surrounding you.

Thailand Trek Adventure

Thai jungle trek
If it’s your thing, a lengthy beach holiday is more than possible in Thailand, but there is so much more on offer in this most diverse of countries. There might well be too much to do on just one trip to Thailand, but trekking through the jungle should be of high priority. You also have opportunities to trek through villages and forests on the back of an elephant.
It’s not just inland you can experience the adventure that the Land of Smiles has to offer. On the sea, kayaking and snorkelling are perfect to explore what’s on and under the turquoise waters, while the country’s rivers and waterfalls can be discovered by exciting rafting and abseiling respectively. If heading underground is of interest then there’s a thrilling cave network at Pang Mapha District.

Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River

Victoria Falls sky safari
It might not be a traditional holiday destination, but your reward for giving Zimbabwe a chance is a wonderful mix of jaw-dropping scenery and adventure waiting to happen. The best views of the Victoria Falls are had from the air, so be sure to book a ‘Flight of the Angels’ helicopter trip during your stay in the south of Africa.
The Victoria Falls is also an ideal spot for those looking for even more adrenaline, because you have the chance to embark on a 111m bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge down towards the Zambezi River. And on the river itself, why not take part in a spot of tiger fishing? These beasts can grow to over 20lb and there are plenty of spots, particularly in September to November, to enjoy that rush of excitement.