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Welcome to Footprints the blog, packed full of exciting tales from our latest adventures, from magical tours to neon-lit city breaks, breath-taking wildlife encounters and paradise island escapes. It’s all here, plus news, recipes, competitions and insider tips from travel-obsessed experts, all driven by a single goal: to transport you to the most spectacular locations in the world.

Spend the summer in Yukon

a group of people that are standing in the grass

Yukon might be the smallest of Canada’s federal territories, but it’s by no means lacking in its fair share of history, character and adventure.

Discover the Great Annual Migration

Hot air balloon over the Masai Mara

Nakuru National Park

Masai Mara

Witness the struggle for survival in one of the greatest wildlife encounters on the planet featuring over 1.8 million animals in Kenya and Tanzania

7 Best African Safari Destinations

a view of a living room filled with furniture and a bridge

If you've wanted to go safari to discover incredible wildlife but don't know where to start, here are six suggestions to inspire your next African adventure.

5 reasons why I love British Columbia

a wooden bench sitting in a chair

A visit to British Columbia has been on my wish-list for years. I adore the great outdoors and the appeal of the wilderness, amazing wildlife and city-living of the BC region ticks every box.I’ve spent way too much time reading the travel guides and pouring over images on Instagram in the hope that one day I might step foot on Canadian soil. 

Discovering Cape Town and Namibia

Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town

For wildlife, beaches and diverse experiences combine the cultural wonders of Cape Town with the vast landscapes of Namibia.