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Bird-watching holidays - the best bird-watching locations

Alisha O'Malley August 29, 2018

Our favourite destinations for spotting these beautiful feathered friends...

Seychelles - rare species among the giant palms

The Seychelles are the oldest oceanic islands on Earth and, while there are no land mammals that occur naturally here, they are home to many endemic species that can be found nowhere else, including 242 species of birds. Two of the world’s rarest birds, the Seychelles white eye and magpie-robin, are found here and the striking Seychelles black parrot is found on Praslin and around the Vallée de Mai area.

Tobago - a twitcher's paradise

With stunning forests and waterfalls located at the centre, nature reserves dotted across it and reefs located off the shores it is no wonder an abundance of wildlife like to call Tobago their home. This authentic island is a heaven for bird watchers with around 200 species, you may see up to 60 different types of bird a day. Explore the unspoilt tropical landscapes and grab a pair of binoculars to discover as many different birds, including the Amazon parrot, the scarlet ibis and many species of hummingbird.

Madagascar - one of many amazing sights

Over 90% of the wildlife in Madagascar does not exist anywhere else on Earth. With an array of weird and wonderful creatures from the world’s biggest and smallest chameleons and over 70 species of lemur to the near-extinct elephant bird, this fascinating destination is a nature lover’s dream. Spot over 250 species of bird in Madagascar’s diverse habitats; the spiny forest in the south, western dry deciduous forests and eastern rainforests.

Sri Lanka - on safari 

Within Sri Lanka’s enticing and inspiring landscapes there are around 480 different species of birds plus 25 endemic species. These colourful wildlife can be seen in the national parks and wetlands to the east, the more dry and arid conditions and up in the tea plantations. Explore the animal kingdom of Yala National Park and combine bird watching with a safari to spot elephants, sloth bears and the most famous inhabitant, the leopard.

Costa Rica - biodiversity in action 

Known as the eco-tourism capital of the world, Costa Rica is famed for its wildlife, golden beaches, waterfalls and volcanoes. A paradise for bird lovers, the numerous national parks and colourful, tropical rainforest have been made home for over 800 species of bird. Learn about the different types, their calls and characteristics as you see toucans, macaws, trogons and more. Plus keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, sloths and jaguars who also live in the forests.

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