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Ultimate travel bucket list – Part 1

Clive Wedderburn March 31, 2015

If you’re anything like us you have an endless list of places to visit around the world. Life may be short, but it’s never too late to start ticking off your bucket list, so we’ve chosen 20 destinations and experiences that have to be seen.

It rightly takes time to view the planet in all its glory so we've cut our bucket list into bitesize pieces. First up, to tantalise everyone’s inner Captain Cook, are our favourite Incredible Journeys.

Route 66 – Live the American Dream

Route 66 is not just a road; it is a state of mind that symbolises our freedom to explore not only destinations and places, but ourselves. Drive across state borders and cultural boundaries, from Chicago across the Great Plains to Las Vegas and onto California until the Pacific Ocean stops you in your tracks.

Motorhome Adventure Down Under

Discover the rainforests and red deserts of Australia with minimum fuss and maximum pleasure on a motorhome journey. Equipped with all mod-cons, they carry you and your loved ones in total comfort. When it’s time to pitch and find a spot – pull over, break out the picnic table and admire the view.

The Blue Train – the spirit of South Africa

Glimpse the soul of this beautiful country from the comfort of your carriage window. Attended by your own private butler, surrounded by wood panelling and gold-plumbed bathrooms - impeccable high standards are always well-observed. Cigars are well-stocked in the club car and dress codes change from casual to elegant evening wear in the dining car. You will feel as though you have entered a time capsule and are being transported into your very own Agatha Christie novel. The only suspense here is what culinary wonders the chefs will produce next.

Luxury Coach Tours in New Zealand

Prepare to be transported to another world when, over the course of three amazing weeks, APT Tours will escort you through the most stunning scenery and cultural attractions of New Zealand, visiting glaciers and snow capped mountains. Cruise sea inlets encircled by tree-covered mountains, ride aboard the TranzAlpine train and be welcomed by Maori warriors at feasts in Rotorua.
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