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Ultimate Travel Bucket List – Part 2

Clive Wedderburn April 2, 2015

Discover the World's Greatest Natural Phenomenom

Some people travel to see things that are a testament to humanity, others for the sheer pleasure of being humbled by the majesty and mystery of nature and the wonder of the universe that created us all.
Great Barrier Reef - the jewel in Nature’s Crown
If the Great Barrier Reef were a jewel, it would be under lock and key and sealed in a mighty vault; such is its incalculable worth. The colour and diversity of the underwater world is breathtaking. Dive into the depths, embark on a cruise or even fl y above nature’s greatest spectacle and witness the enormity of the bio-system from the air. However you choose to experience the Great Barrier Reef, there is another benefit of crossing this off your bucket list: you will also have to travel to the equally extraordinary country of Australia to do so.
The Northern Lights - the greatest light show on Earth
It’s amazing that something as intangible as the interaction of charged particles can capture hearts in an instant. The Aurora Borealis has captivated humans since they first looked up to the clear winter night skies. We are inspired to believe that if there really is some greater purpose to existence – it must surely be to witness this light show of epic proportions.
The Himalayas - the abode of snow
The Himalayas
For some people, wide, sweeping panoramas mean everything. They feel a clarity that is missing amid the bustle of their everyday lives. Among the snow-capped mountains, charming hill stations, lush tea plantations and Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas, they finally comprehend what is truly important in life. On such occasions when words fail, a picture says it all.
Grand Canyon - overpowering with beauty
the Grand Canyon
Since man first encountered the vast plunging depths, temple-like buttes and dramatic white-water rivers of the Grand Canyon, they have held the landscape spread before them in awe. The canyon has been carved by the twisting Colorado River into a labyrinth series of segmented limestone cliffs and buttresses that change colour as the sun rises and falls. Photo's can't really do the Grand Canyon justice; you just have to see it for yourself.