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Antarctica Holidays

A trip to Antarctica will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people but Antarctica facts and figures can be intimidating - this polar desert is the driest, windiest, coldest location on earth. The continent is home to Antarctica animals and birds that are found nowhere else, and scenery so starkly beautiful you will scarcely believe it is real.

You only have to look at a map of Antarctica to realise the sheer isolation of the place. Antarctica is often referred to as the worlds 7th Continent and noted as the last region on Earth in recorded history to be discovered, unseen until 1820.

If Antarctica has long been a bucket list dream for you, let the Destination Specialists at Hayes & Jarvis create your polar adventure.  From penguin spotting expeditions in Zodiac boats with expert naturalists to hiking through the icy, windswept wilderness of this pristine and delicate environment, our personalised Antarctica tours show you all the highlights and so much more, in comfort and safety.

Antarctica has been inspiring explorers for centuries and our expeditions offer the chance for you to discover why. We’re excited to host you on your unforgettable adventure, and our team of Destination Specialists can answer any of your questions and provide assistance as you plan your Antarctica cruise.

What you must see on your trip to Antarctica

Falkland Islands - This remote archipelago in the South Atlantic draws visitors to experience its authentic way of life, teeming seabird colonies and large sea mammals against a backdrop of magnificent scenery.

South Georgia - A landscape marked by mountains and fjords make this a dramatic setting for elephant seal and king penguin breeding grounds, as well as unique birdlife.

Cuverville Island - Observe the biggest breeding colony of gentoo penguins in the world on this forbidding, rocky island that is an internationally important bird life area.

Destination Highlights
  • Spot penguins, seals and whales in their natural habitat
  • Marvel at awe-inspiring glaciers and icebergs
  • Get up close to the frozen landscape on a sea-kayak
  • Photograph stunning sunsets and sunrises

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