New South Wales – Best time to go

Best time to visit New South Wales

The best time to visit New South Wales is from September to May

June to August is winter in Australia, with shorter days and temperatures dropping below 10°C.

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 26 °C

Minimum Night Time Temperature – 7°C

Average rainfall – 46 mm per month

Average daylight hours – 10

What’s the weather like in New South Wales from September to May?

The New South Wales climate moves from oceanic to subtropical as you head north up the coast. Temperatures remain largely stable throughout the year, with highs of around 26°C in the summer and lows of 7°C in winter. Rainfall varies widely. Areas by the coast get more rain, while the interior is drier, and there’s an average of 10 hours of sunlight per day.

Why visit New South Wales from September to May? 

• Bright sunshine and pleasantly balmy days – perfect beach weather
• Clear, warm water with excellent visibility
• Sydney’s Vivid Festival in May sees the city’s landmarks lit up with brilliant lights
• New South Wales bursts into life in spring, with blooming jacaranda and wildflowers lining the countryside

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