Cairns – Best time to go

Best time to visit Cairns

The best time to book your holidays in Cairns is between June and August.

During this period temperatures are more comfortable and there is less chance of rain.

Highest temperature during the day – 26°C

Lowest temperature at night – 17.5°C

Average rainfall – 34mm per month

Average hours of daylight – 11

What’s the weather in Cairns like between June and August?

These are the winter months in Cairns. Temperatures are cooler, settling comfortably between 17.5°C and 26°C. Rainfall is light with humidity also at a much lower level. You’ll also enjoy around 11 hours of daylight per day.

Why book your trip to Cairns from June to August?

• You’ll miss peak jellyfish season, meaning you should be safer enjoying water sports
• Humidity levels are lower, so it’s more comfortable to explore the rainforest and relax on the beach
• There is a greater chance of seeing humpback whales on their annual migratory journey
• The water temperature around the Great Barrier Reef is still very comfortable for divers