Perth – Best time to go

Best time to visit Perth

The best time for a holiday in Perth is from December to March

February is generally the hottest month of the year.

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 31°C

Minimum Night Time Temperature – 1°C

Average rainfall – 80mm per month

Average daylight hours - 8

What’s the weather like in Perth from December to March?

Perth is hot and sunny during its summer months, from December to March. There is low rainfall, although occasional short thunder storms can occur. The refreshing breeze coming from the sea during the afternoons is known as the “Freemantle Doctor”. 

Why visit Perth from December to March?

• Crystal clear water provides good visibility for diving and snorkelling
• The Perth International Arts Festival offers world class theatre, street arts, music and films. It runs from the first week of February to the beginning of March.
• The summer months bring out the best in the natural environment, with flowers and plants in bloom and wildlife visible in the national parks
• Cloudless skies and warm, sunny days are ideal for the beach and swimming or surfing in the ocean