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Barbados – Multi centres

Barbados Multi Centre Itineraries

Although officially an Atlantic island, Barbados is the Caribbean’s leading tourist destination. Set to the west of its sister nations, it’s the only island that doesn’t touch the Caribbean Sea, and is instead surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, when visiting Barbados, it’s a fantastic chance to visit another Caribbean island as well to experience the contrast. There are direct connections and short flight times, especially to the Windward Islands of St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Opt for a slightly longer flight and you can connect to the Sunshine State of Florida, where you can explore the art deco architecture of Miami. Or, elevate your trip with some exhilaration when head to your favourite thrill seeking theme park in Orlando.

15 days

Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados Multi Centre


Having trouble deciding which island to visit? The beauty of the Caribbean is that you don't have to. Ease yourself into the Caribbean swing and start with Antigua, renowned for its flawless beaches and laid back life style. Unwind with...


Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados Multi Centre
10 days

New York and Barbados Multi Centre


New York is known as the city that never sleeps, the setting of many television shows and films you have to visit this city at least once in your life. We all know the iconic sights, spend a day capturing...

Family holidays

New York and Barbados Multi Centre
17 days Towering Pitons

Silver Spirit Caribbean Cruise


If you can't decide which Caribbean island to choose from, a cruising holiday is the perfect way to avoid making that decision. The Silver Spirit showcases the ultimate in luxury including butler service in every suite, 24-hour dining and with...

Cruise holidays

Silver Spirit Caribbean Cruise