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Rio de Janeiro Multi Centre Itineraries

While Rio de Janeiro encapsulates a great deal of Brazil’s flamboyant charm and natural beauty – there’s still an abundance of glory and wonder waiting to be explored outside of the marvellous city.    

Once you’ve sipped a Caipirinha on Copacabana Beach, gazed up at the 30 metre tall Christ the Redeemer and experienced everything else that Rio de Janeiro has to offer, set your sights on the Amazon rain forest to explore this jungle. Then head to the Pantanal is search of Jaguars or the waterfalls at Iguazu.

Extend your stay in Brazil when you venture deep into the Brazilian Amazon and witness the world sensation, and one of Brazil’s most visually striking landmarks, the Meeting of Waters. Finally, end things in complete relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Praia do Forte, and watch the endangered sea turtles make their way into the turquoise waters.

Why not see what else South America has to offer? Argentina is a short flight away. Visit Mendoza, and sip on the world-class wine that this city’s vineyards produce.