British Virgin Islands Holidays

The endless skies, the miles of golden sandy bays, the gin-clear azure waters, The British Virgin Islands lives up to its motto - Nature’s Little Secret. A holiday in the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago of 60 sun-soaked islands in the northeastern Caribbean, is brimming with adventure.

Part of the magic of a holiday to the British Virgin Islands is uncovering the unique character of each of its islands. There are four main islands: Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada, not to mention the many surrounding isles and cays. With little distance between each island hopping from one to the next is easy and quick, making the British Virgin Islands a sailor’s holiday hotspot.

The Natural wonders of The British Virgin Islands

Tortola is known as the British Virgin Islands’ sailing hub. Boats line the island’s marina, waiting for crews to embark on an adventure. Beaches are never more than a few miles away and are framed by verdant hills. Mount Sage is the highest peak in the BVIs and a hike to its summit offers breathtaking views over Tortola and its surrounding islands.

Another major British Virgin Island to explore on holiday is Virgin Gorda. Here, the must-see sight is The Baths National Park, with its colossal granite megaliths. These magnificent giant volcanic boulders create a network of grottos, arches and tide pools right at the water’s edge.

Hikers will delight in exploring the unspoilt beauty of Jost Van Dyke island, where even the main street runs along the beach. Another holiday must is to walk the coastal trail to Bubbly Pool, where the waves crash against the rock creating a natural Jacuzzi.

For a strikingly different landscape to the rest of the BVIs, plan a trip to Anegada. Its flat sugary beaches and flamingo-filled salt marshes stand in contrast to the rest of the volcanic archipelagos’ hilly and rugged terrain.

One thing that helps the British Virgin Islands retain their moniker as Nature’s Little Secret is the lack of direct flights from the UK. This also makes it the perfect destination for a twin-centre holiday. We recommend starting your holiday with a few days in Antigua or Grenada, which have direct links from the UK, before moving on to the BVI.


Destination Highlights
  • Marvel at the granite boulders at the Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda, before bathing in one of the secret rock pools
  • Charter a boat in the world’s sailing capital and hop from paradise beaches and breathtaking bays, to turquoise lagoons and lively marinas
  • Make a day trip to Anegada to discover the deserted coral sandy beach at Cow Wreck Bay and sample what’s considered the best lobster in the Caribbean
  • Snorkellers and divers will delight in exploring Anegada’s coral reef with its mazes of underwater caves, tunnels, drops and shipwrecks

Our favourite hotels

The British Virgin Islands are known for their laid-back luxurious resorts. From all-inclusive hotels and family-friendly beach villas to hiring your own private island, almost anything is possible on the British Virgin Islands. Please call us to chat to our Destination Specialists who can help you find your ideal holiday accommodation.

Guana Island

British Virgin Islands

H&J Rating
Guana Island

Time Zone

GMT -4 hours

Flight Time

flights are indirect via Antigua


USD - US Dollar

Visa Information

Irish citizens do not need a visa to visit the British Virgin Islands



Health Information

No vaccinations required
  • Macey, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “A great way to see the rich marine life on the island of Anegada is to hop on a paddleboard or kayak. You’ll marvel at the glittering shoals of fish slipping between the coral, as well as the many different sea turtles paddling beneath you. As the sun hits the cobalt waters, it truly is a wonderful way to feel at one with nature.”

  • Martyn, Destination Executive


    Destination Manager

    Visit popular attractions like the Baths on Virgin Gorda after all the cruise-ship guests have returned to their ships. Visiting these awesome sights at about four in the afternoon will mean you will have them all to yourself. Making the experience all the more awe-inspiring.

  • Valerie, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “For a unique experience stay at the Anegada Beach Club on Anegada. Luxury tented accommodation is just steps away from the crystal blue waters, and allows you to admire the stars at night.”

  • BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

    The BVI Spring Regatta is one of the Caribbean’s premier annual sailing events. It has gained a reputation for serious racing, as well as serious partying. Hundreds of sailors from around the world gather on Nanny’s Cay on Tortola to take part in this week-long event and, of course, its races. The Regatta Village at Nanny Cay comes alive with a carnival-like atmosphere when the sailors return to the shore and join the revellers enjoying the food, drinks and live entertainment.

  • Sweethearts of the Caribbean Classic Yacht Regatta.

    This is another important sailing event in the BVIs. Every February, the island of Tortola hosts the Sweethearts of the Caribbean Classic Yacht Regatta. Be sure to join in all the fun as well as the after-party at the Jolly Roger Restaurant. 

  • BVI Music Festival

    Cane Garden Bay Beach on Tortola hosts this annual music festival over a three-day weekend in May. It attracts reggae, calypso, R&B, rock, jazz artists from around the world and is a wonderful way to discover the relaxing beats of Caribbean music.

  • Roti

    This delight appears on almost every BVI menu and it’s an East Indian flatbread that is filled with meat or vegetables. Some may say it’s the British Virgin Islands version of a Cornish pasty! 

  • Pate

    This is a delicious stuffed pitta bread treat that’s filled with spiced meat, seafood or vegetables. 

  • Fruit

    Discover the amazing tropical fruits of the BVIs. From soursop, papaya, mango, guava, sugar apple and seagrapes - the variety of fresh and juicy fruits is not to be missed. A typically BVI way of eating them is in a sweet stew or rolled into seriously good bitesize balls. 

Types of British Virgin Islands holidays

British Virgin Islands Multi Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

The British Virgin Islands, or BVIs, are a self-governing country and are not part of the UK, however, they are a British Overseas Territory. The UK handles their security and the Queen is their head of state. BVI residents have the right to full UK citizenship. 

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