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Alberta Rail Holidays

Take to the rails in the Canadian Rockies

Take the stress out of your holiday, sit back and relax as you are transported through the stunning landscapes of Alberta and the Canadian Rockies – many of which are completely inaccessible by road. Alberta lends itself perfectly to rail journeys, with the ever-changing terrain giving you a picture perfect view of the epic scenery right from the comfort of your seat. Scale the sides of mountains, weave alongside steep canyons and shimmering turquoise lakes as you experience some of the most jaw-dropping sights Canada has to offer.

Indulge in a trip on the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer, much more than just a train, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the untamed wilderness  all while you soak up the five star service from the comfort of your seat. Choose from three incredible routings departing from either Banff or Lake Louise, First Passage to the West, Journey Through the Clouds or Rainforest to Goldrush. Upgrade to their GoldLeaf service to enjoy the panoramic views from the bi-level glass domed car as well as an exclusive outdoor vestibule - perfect for spotting wildlife.

Canada's own rail network  VIA Rail  is ideal for connecting Alberta with other provinces in Canada. Edmonton and Jasper are the main stops along VIA Rail's 'Canadian' service, where you can book your own cabin and experience the overnight services west to British Columbia, or east to Manitoba and Ontario  complete with dining car, lounge and even a panoramic viewing car for taking in the spectacular views.