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Canada Attractions

Canada holidays are all about discovery, learning and exploration. You'll uncover Canada's natural beauty, remarkable cuisine and amazing wildlife. You'll roam the National Parks, natural wonders and vibrant cities. You'll learn about the culture, history and First Nations. With so much to see and do you'll be coming back again and again.

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

Diverse National Parks

Canada's National Parks tell a story of how Canada came to be. Glacial lakes, sandy beaches, rocky coasts and lush forests make up more than 40 spectacular natural expanses where you can explore and discover the First Nation influence. Breathe in crisp air and marvel at the untouched beauty of unparalleled mountain scenery. Every visit to Canada should include a visit to one of the many magnificent National Parks.

Totem Pole

First Nations heritage

Rich history and culture spanning thousands of years, Canada's First Nations share their culture and traditions first hand. By sharing their fascinating storytelling, dance and historical festivals you will learn how they lived off the land and marvel at their culture - unchanged for thousands of years.


Outdoor adventure

Canada is the ultimate adventure playground, so get off the beaten path to start your journey of unparalleled experiences. Explore away from the famous and entertaining cities and head into the vast Canadian wilderness for hiking, mountain biking, rafting or even zip lining. Head to the coasts for experiences based round the ocean, take to a boat for the day to discover marine life and the dramatic coast lines.


Wildlife experiences

From lumbering moose and salmon-poaching grizzly bears to barnacled whales, there are few better places in world to get up close to these animals in their natural habitat. Join wildlife watching trips all across Canada to learn about these fascinating eco-systems. Head to Algonquin Provincial Park to spot moose, Vancouver Island for sea otters or Québec to find Canadian beavers. Whether your trip is by seaplane or high speed boat, seeing the Canadian wildlife is one experience not be missed.

Splash Zone, Deerhurst Resort, Ontario

Family holidays

Family holidays in Canada are all about enjoying incredible experiences and creating lasting memories that bring you closer. Canada has some of the best family-friendly resorts, guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for unforgettable adventure and to keep everyone entertained - from kids to big kids.

Siwash Lake, British Columbia


It's been said that the greatest way to really see Canada is on horseback. Ranches are an amazing way to experience an authentic Canadian cowboy adventure and venture off-the-beaten path through rolling grasslands, secluded lakes and river canyons. Ranches are where you can unplug, unwind and reconnect with nature.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Vancouver Island

Luxury and unique stays

Extreme luxury is not hard to find in Canada - this country is easily able to combine luxurious accommodations with the wildest and most breathtaking landscapes. If you're looking for an unique stay, experiences like these cannot be found anywhere else. Canada offers some of the best resorts for one-of-a-kind encounters in remote parts of the world not many get to know, and who are dedicated to protecting the surrounding habitats, wildlife and cultures.

Arowhon Pines, Ontario

Wilderness lodges

Enjoy the unbridled adventure of the Canadian wilderness how it was meant to be experienced. Get up close with nature, see unbelievable and unique wildlife or just relax and unwind amongst breathtaking scenery.

Alberta Road

Getting around

It has never been easier to explore Canada's open roads, waterways or skies. Each giving you a completely different viewpoint ad experience so no matter how you choose to explore, we can help you get around.

Vineyard Meal, Nova Scotia

Canadian cuisine

Holidays in Canada offer a smorgasbord of culinary delights that starts with day-fresh seafood like salmon, lobster, scallops and crab; moves to succulent steak and flavoursome game like venison, elk and bison, and takes in influences from French and German to Asian and Ukrainian. Then there's the drink; from the national whiskeys and beers to sweet ice wine, a Canadian specialty made from grapes frozen on the vine.