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New York and Bermuda Multi Centre Holiday

Holidays in New York whisk you away to the famous buzz of the city that never sleeps. Get lost in the astonishingly fast pace of life in the most loved concrete jungle in the world. Then, when you’ve had your fill, escape to the magical Bermuda Island to catch your breath. Our New York and Bermuda multi-centre provides the perfect blend of beach and city. 

In New York, you’re in the world’s leading metropolis for art, fashion and theatre. Feel the electric energy that the city is so well known for and embrace the hurried frenzy that zips through the streets and avenues - a ‘New York Minute’ will fly right by. In the evenings, pick up a Broadway show and transport yourself to another world. 

Taste a thousand different cuisines, with multi national restaurants, stands and eateries on every corner of the city, from every corner of the world. Visit the world famous Times Square and feel the rush of being in the centre of the city, with local life zooming by. See the dashing city from above in an endless stream of swanky rooftop bars and restaurants and then climb the Rockefeller Center for the real view of New York’s magical skyline. 

It’s easy to get lost in New York City and feel yourself whisked to new sounds, colours and flavours. There’s a constant rush felt on every corner and it’s electric. When you feel like you’ve seen as much as you can squeeze in, fly over to the magical Bermuda Island with our New York and Bermuda multi-centre holiday. Leave the glittering city lights behind and spend a whole morning sunbathing with the sand between your toes. Trade loud, chaotic streets with blissful shorelines and a gentle breeze. Head to this pastel coloured paradise to unwind, unload and ultimately, relax.


10 days
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Trip highlights

  • See the New York skyline from the Empire State Building
  • Soak up the sun on the immaculate pink sand beach in Bermuda
  • Taste world cuisines in New York - from Michelin restaurants to hot dog stands
  • Leave the world behind and sip on world acclaimed cocktails in Bermuda
New York

Dazzling lights day and night, an unparalleled art scene, fashion trendsetters and the dining and shopping capital of the world. Welcome to New York. The Big Apple wears more than one crown and it wears each one fabulously. In one minute, feel a heart racing pulse as you stroll through a busy avenue and in the next, slow down and walk through the tranquil Central Park to catch your breath. 

Feel on top of the world with a view of the glittering skyline from Rockefeller Center, or the more commonly visited Empire State Building. Although you’re likely to feel on top of the world from almost any angle. Brave the famous Times Square and get lost in the complete buzz of the life flowing energy, day and night. 

Foodies have more options than could ever be dreamed of in New York. From world class Michelin star restaurants to the famous hot dog stands in the streets to pizza shops in Little Italy or the busy noodle bars in China Town, you’ll find delicious food around every corner. 


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With over 70 miles of coastline washed over with pastel pink sand beaches and beautiful bright pops of sea blue, it’s hard to believe Bermuda is just a 90 minute flight from New York. This bright beach is the perfect escape from the chaos of New York City. You’ll find wonderfully fresh food with a twist (think crispy fish sandwiches), some of the best island golf and world acclaimed cocktails. At Horseshoe Bay Beach, soak up the sun on the shimmering pink sands. It’s often said to be the most picturesque seaside in the world. 

Try a hot stone massage at one of the many world class spa facilities. Hike the Railway Trail and discover the rocky bays of Coney Island and the palm gardens of Frank’s Bar. Try your hand at a game of golf at Port Royal, which is home to the legendary 16th short hole. Finish your holiday with a taste of the delicious fusion of flavours at Mad Hatters, where the chefs serve up a cocktail of Asian, Thai and Caribbean cuisines.