• Nelson's Dockyard

St Lucia and Antigua Multi Centre

These two islands are worlds apart in terms of personality, which makes them the perfect match for your island hopping adventure. Antigua is all about the beach life, with an array of watersports, luxurious catamaran trips and captivating stingray encounters. Saint Lucia on the other hand boasts expansive rainforests and the incredible Piton peaks, it's an adventurers dream offering energetic zip line courses, challenging hiking trails and historic chocolate plantations. A St Lucia and Antigua twin centre is perfect for both families wanting an adventure and couples simply looking for a romantic getaway to enjoy the simply stunning surroundings.

10 days
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The Pitons in the evening

Trip highlights

  • The Pitons offer a fantastic photo opportunity
  • Scenic rainforests in Saint Lucia are perfect for a jungle trek
  • Flawless beaches in Antigua, the perfect backdrop for a luxury Catamaran trip
  • Visit Nelson's Dockyard with marina and fascinating history

St Lucia is the perfect holiday destination with something for everybody. From its golden sandy beaches to coral reefs and from the Pitons which are a must see when staying in St Lucia to the rainforests in the centre of the island. Holidays to St Lucia really are perfect for everybody.

In Antigua, life really is a beach and Antigua boasts 365 beaches - literallyone for every day of the year. Visit Nelson's Dockyard, the top attraction in Antigua or enjoy one of the many land and watersports or activities the island provides, like zip lining, sailing and horse riding. Alternatively,lay back on one of the beaches, for instance Pink Gin Beachand relax sipping the most popular drink on the island - Rum!