Caribbean – Things to do

Caribbean Attractions

The Caribbean isn’t easily categorised. A corner of the world where culture-filled colonial cities rub shoulders with palm-fringed, castaway beaches, it’s as diverse as you’d expect from a collection of 7,000 islands. But there’s an undeniable vibrancy that runs through the region’s veins, and somehow manages to tie it all together. Perhaps it’s the reggae, perhaps it’s the rum. Either way: it’s incredibly infectious.

Caribbean Cuisine

Another great way to explore the Caribbean is through your taste buds. Each island has its own mouth-watering menagerie of seafood, fresh from the Ocean. Discover indigenous staples such as Conch, a large meaty shellfish found all over the Bahamas and housed in pastel pink shells. Dive into aromatic variations of jerk, the signature flavour of Jamaica, with influences ranging from Portugal to Latin America.

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Sail away

For a true sense of freedom on your Caribbean holiday, consider exploring the region by boat. Each island is a promise of another unique experience. With our range of luxury yachts, you'll be equipped to go on your adventure in comfort and style. Negotiate the quiet islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines before hopping over to the British Virgin Islands where you can snorkel among majestic granite rock faces.

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St Lucia

Nature and wildlife

With beautiful tropical landscapes and indigenous wildlife, the Caribbean could easily be considered paradise to any nature lover. Explore St Lucia's breath taking volcanic landscape, covered with rainforest, and climb Gros Piton. Visit Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic to spot crocodiles and exotic birds such as the American Flamingo.

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Islands of The Bahamas


Why just visit one island when you can see more? With ferries, water taxis, private yacht charters and many flights less than 1 hour you can easily see several Caribbean islands on one fantastic holiday.

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