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Punta Arenas Holidays

Punta Arenas holidays offer you the unique experience exploring the wind-bitten port of Chile’s southernmost Patagonia region. Punta Arenas is brimming with a unique culture and history, as well as spectacular natural sights. 

Found on the Strait of Magellan, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Puntas Arenas is often used as a gateway your cruise exploring Antarctica and the surrounding wilderness of the city. On the Southern ice cap, plenty of lofty glaciers are found dominating the horizon.

One of the most popular spots to visit in Punta Arenas is the Nao Victoria Museum, which houses full size replicas of historic ships. This includes the famous Nao Victoria ship commanded by legendary Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. As well as this, fascinating replicas of weapons and ancient navigation tools can be observed, along with an abundance of documents and books relating to the historic ships of the area. And while it may be nail-bitingly chilly in Puntas Arenas, between sightseeing you can retreat to one of the various cosy and luxurious Punta Arenas hotels for some rejuvenating down time.

Discover wilderness and rugged scenery on Punta Arenas holidays

If you’re seeking wild, rugged and raw scenery and adventure then Punta Arenas holidays are an ideal option for you. For striking landscapes, head to Magdalena Island by boat to discover the exciting wildlife that inhabits the island. It’s here that you can observe the largest penguin colony in Chile. Every year approximately 60,000 Magellan penguins freely roam these windswept grounds.

Besides the penguins, keep an eye out for several other seabird species and marine life. Imperial cormorants, rock cormorants, dolphin gulls, kelp gulls, Chilean skua and many other native South American birds also nest on the island. Don’t forget the lounging sea lions either. Observe the weathered beaches where these huge creatures enjoy sunbathing lazily as birds hover curiously above them.


Destination Highlights
  • Travel back in time and observe the looming life-size replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s ship at the Nao Victoria Museum
  • Say hello to Chile’s largest penguin colony on the small and rugged Magdalena Island
  • Gape at the aquamarine glacial lakes surrounded by immense snow-capped mountains at Torres del Paine National Park
  • Stop off in this beautiful area on an Antarctic cruise and enjoy its fascinating history, culture and frozen landscapes

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