• Zip lining in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise - the most ecologically diverse country on the planet - it is home to the largest number of endemic wildlife species in the world. From two and three fingered sloths to the toucans and colourful parrots and from the elusive jaguars to the myriad of frog species, the flora and fauna of this country will not disappoint you.

The sheer number of different ecosystems in this relatively small country will astound you, the tropical Tortuguero region, the swinging canopy bridges of Sarapiqui, the Volcanic Hot Springs at Arenal, the small, hidden beaches at Manuel Antonio (where you are likely to share the sand with monkeys and blue iguanas), the riverine forests at Ricon de la Vieja and the sandy beaches of the Guanacaste region on the Gulf of Papagayo - the hardest decision is to decide where to start your holiday.

Whether you choose to take one of our set tours or you tailor make your itinerary with one of our destination specialists, we would definitely recommend you spend at least a week touring followed by a week's relaxation on the beach.

13 days
Start your journey
Sloth in trees in Costa Rica

Trip highlights

  • See turtles on the beach in tropical Tortuguero
  • Swing above the canopy spotting birds in Sarapiqui
  • Immerse youself in a hot spring near the Arenal Volcano
  • Discover hidden beaches and share the sand with monkeys and iguanas at Manuel Antonio
  • Soar with the birds if you dare to zip line in Monteverde, the last line being over 1km long
  • Horse ride and river tube in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park
  • Relax on a beach and enjoy all-inclusive at one of many resorts

We offer a selection of group and private touring options throughout Costa Rica or if you can't decide what you would prefer, then call one of our dedicated destination specialists who will tailor make a tour to your requirements. We highly recommend our Highlights of Costa Ricatour.

The best way to unwind after touring around Costa Rica and having participated in lots of adrenaline activities, is to put your feet up and relax on the beach at one of many all-inclusive resorts in the Guanacaste region nestled on the Gulf of Papagayo. Call and speak to one of our dedicated destination specialists who can go through all the options available to you.