Tours in Dominican Republic

When you picture a dreamy Caribbean island, the idyllic scenes your mind conjures up won’t be far from the reality of the Dominican Republic. From the lush green mountains of its interior landscape to the sweeping white sands and warm waters of its picture perfect beaches, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or a bit of both, discover it all on our Dominican Republic tours. 

To get the bigger picture of life in the Dominican Republic and a glimpse of the slower pace of life, experience our five-day Viva Dominicana Escorted Tour. From the hustle and bustle of Santo Domingo, you’ll discover the equally colourful contrasting towns of Puerto Plata and Las Terrenas, famed for their scenic verdant backdrops and palm tree-lined beaches. And don’t miss the opportunity to sample some of the island’s rich, handmade chocolate. You are on holiday, after all.

5 days Isabel de Torres Mountain cable car

Viva Dominicana Escorted Tour


When you think of the Dominican Republic you are probably visioning white sand beach with towering swaying palm trees. Although the Dominican has plenty of these to choose from, why not step away from the beach and explore what this...

Escorted tours

Viva Dominicana Escorted Tour

The Dominican Republic is the perfect winter sun destination. As Britain descends into winter, the Dominican Republic is at its best from mid-December through to February. Hurricane season, from July to early December, is best avoided.

The Dominican Republic has a rich culinary heritage, serving spiced dishes and the abundant fresh fruits and vegetables grown its tropical climate. We recommend trying Sanchocho, which is a seven meat stew with root vegetables, or the Pollo Guisado, which is melt in the mouth chicken stewed in a strong sauce. Lighter dishes include tostones, twice fried plantain, and green salad, made using fresh local ingredients. 

The currency is the Dominican peso, usually displayed as RD$ or sometimes just R$. It’s generally a good idea to have some cash on you, as credit cards – particularly AMEX – still aren’t accepted everywhere and can often incur a hefty usage fee of 16 percent.

The Dominican Republic is perfect for lovers of luxury and those wanting to explore its colourful wildlife, breath-taking landscapes and vibrant modern culture. Embrace the slower pace of life, and feel your stresses melt away like your footsteps in the surf along one of the many picturesque beaches.

 Why you'll love the Dominican Republic... 

  • Walking in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus in Santa Domingo
  • Savouring the spicy flavours of the local Creole cuisine
  • Leaping down waterfalls at Damajagua
  • Strolling down the broad white beaches on Punta Cana
  • Sailing waters once ruled by pirates
  • Sampling the ‘three Bs’ of local rum – Brugal, Bermúdez and Barceló
  • Scaling the lush green mountain of Isabel de Torres in a cable car
  • Partying with the locals during February’s Carnival season
  • Heading off the beaten track on two wheels along the trails around Jarabacoa
  • Discovering the colourful underwater world off the shores of Bayahibe
  • Catching some wind in the sails of your boat or windsurfer in Cabarete
  • Sipping a Presidente beer and watching the sun go down


Did you know?

  • Santo Domingo, the nation’s capital, is the oldest city in the New World and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The Dominican Republic – or Hispaniola, as it was known at the time – was the home of many real life pirates of the Caribbean during the 16th century.
  • There is a piece of amber in the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata with a preserved prehistoric mosquito in it.