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Galapagos Extension - Isabela II Cruise

The Galapagos Islands are special, and what better way to visit them than on the Isabela II Yacht. This luxury 40 berth vessel promises a complete immersion into these unique islands.  The yacht offers enriching wildlife encounters accompanied by expert naturalist guides and some of the most exciting itineraries of any sailing in the archipelago. The crew has remained virtually unchanged for years, creating an excellent sense of teamwork and dedication. On board, guest can expect delicious cuisine, faultless service, excellent facilities and above all - a very warm welcome. 

Please see 2019 and 2020 group tour departure dates below.

10, 24 June

08 July

28 October 

25 November

09 December 

06, 20 January'20

03, 17 February'20

02, 16, 30 March'20

13, 27 April'20

11, 25 May'20

08, 22 June'20

06, 20 July'20

03, 17, 31 Aug'20

14, 28 September'20

12, 26 October'20

09, 23 November'20

07, 21 December'20

5 days
Group basis, Escorted

Home to the largest town in the Galapagos, Puerto Ayora, the Island has a large variety of vegetation. Pit craters, Scalesia Forest, cacti and ferns are found in its vegetation zones. The island is comprised of a younger part formed by volcanic cones and lava and an older narrow strip of land formed by uplifted lava flows and tuffs. Wildlife to be seen here include giant tortoise, marine iguanas and a variety of birds. The Charles Darwin Research Station is situated here. 

Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II

Also known as Barrington Island - after the admiral Samuel Barrington, Santa Fe is one of the oldest in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. It is thought to be at least four million years old. The island is relatively small, covering an area of 9.3 square miles and is home to palo santo trees, pear cactus and brush land. You may encounter the Galapagos hawk here, along with finches, mockingbirds, red billed tropic birds and swallow tailed gulls. 

Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II

North Seymore is one of the most important fishing sites for marine birds. You will also see many types of sharks, including Tiger and Reef sharks swimming close to the shore. Frigate bird, blue footed boobies, sea lions, herons and rays will also be seen on North Seymore.  

Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II

This small island is located in the centre of the archipelago, and on a clear day, more than ten islands can be spotted from the top of the viewpoint. The diversity and richness of this island is related to the Upwelling Phenomenon, very cold water surrounds the shore and provides food for many marine species.

At the base of Pinnacle Rock, a small colony of Penguins cohabit with Sea Lions and Marine Birds. There is also great snorkelling opportunities here. 

Suggested Accommodation

  • Isabela II


  • All meals and soft drinks
  • Guided excursions on the island in English
  • Transfers in Galapagos
  • Shared transfers from main hotels in Quito and in Quayaquil to the airport for flights to/from Galapagos
  • Flights to/from Quito - Galapagos

Not included

  • Beverages
  • Galapagos Islands National Park entrance fee ($100 per person, subject to change without prior advise).
  • Transit Control Card in Galapagos ($20 per person).