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Located on India’s west coast, Goa holidays encapsulate a unique blend of colonial history and architecture with the relaxation of an idyllic beach get away.  

Just a short two-hour and 40-minute flight from Delhi, touring the Golden Triangle’s ancient cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur with a beach stay in Goa is simple. It’s the perfect contrast from the hot and bustling Indian cities.

The Bollywood capital of Mumbai is also just a short flight from Goa. Skyscrapers soar to great heights, Indian traditions thrive in the local markets, and there’s plenty of fantastic food and historical buildings. This city stay goes together seamlessly with Goa’s tropical shores and five-star luxury resorts.

12 days Jaipur

India's Golden Triangle and Goa Beach Multi Centre Holiday


Explore two very different destinations in one captivating country. Our Golden Triangle and Goa multi-centre holiday combines history and culture with a relaxing beach break, in one unforgettable trip. India’s Golden Triangle is a mesmerising journey across some of India’s...

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India's Golden Triangle and Goa Beach Multi Centre Holiday