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Japan Multi Centre Holidays

From futuristic city life to picturesque rural landscapes, Japan is so culturally rewarding and diverse that it would be a massively missed opportunity if you only spent your time in one area of it.

That’s okay, because when it comes to getting about, what we love most about Japan is that they’re ahead of the game when it comes to public transport. With the help of a Japan Rail Pass you can go from the neon lights and skyscrapers of Tokyo to the peaceful castles and temples of Kyoto in just a few hours.

Spending time in the excitement of bustling cities and culture filled temples can be exhausting. So why not unwind on a sightseeing cruise of the beautiful Lake Ashi, with a backdrop of the sun laying rest on the iconic Mount Fuji.

If this sounds like your cup of green tea, then call our Destination Specialists who will help you plan your amazing adventure in Japan.

10 days a large city landscape

Tokyo and Kyoto Multi Centre


Tokyo is many people’s Far Eastern dream destination, a city whose skyline changes as often as the sun rises and sets. This ultra-modern metropolis was surely designed with one eye on the future and the other firmly focused on the...

Multi centre holidays

Tokyo and Kyoto Multi Centre
13 days a statue in front of a building

Japan and Fiji Multi Centre

Guide Price  €3,749  pp  

Explore the fascinating city of Tokyo, and immerse yourself in the fast-paced, high fashion and high tech way of life. Visit some of the world’s greatest temples and structures including the famous Tokyo Tower and Imperial Palace, and enjoy panoramic...

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Japan and Fiji Multi Centre