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Japan Tours

Our tours of Japan allow you to experience this unique country with local inside knowledge and without missing any of its main attractions. Explore the vast city of Tokyo and its many differing districts, take guided walks through bamboo forests, visit the ancient capital of Nara, or relax in hot springs as you take in views of Mount Fuji.

To experience some of Japan’s best attractions in eight days, book our Japan at a Glance Tour. Start in Tokyo and take in the highlights, before taking the efficient national trains to Hakone. Here you can relax in hot springs and immerse yourself in the rural culture, before taking the famous bullet train to Kyoto. You’ll find temples and shrines dotted throughout the city, as well as the famous Gion geisha district.

For a more in depth tour of Japan, choose our Best of Japan Tour, which takes you from Tokyo to the hot springs in Hakone, before you visit Takayama, a former merchant town. Next is Kanazawa, where you can admire ancient wooden buildings and luscious surroundings before visiting historic Kyoto, the rebuilt city of Hiroshima and Osaka.

8 days Kinkaku-ji

Japan at a Glance Tour

Guide Price €3,199 pp  

Explore the vibrant capital Tokyo before experiencing the rural landscapes of Hakone and famous Mount Fuji and finally experiencing the culture and history of Kyoto. The combination of guided and self-guided days will allow to you uncover Japan at your...

City holidays

Japan at a Glance Tour
12 days Okonomiyaki

Gourmet Japan Tour

Guide Price €6,169 pp  

Experience the cultural and culinary delights Japan has to offer. This tour will teach you the necessary skills to prepare some of Japan's most popular dishes and allows you to taste them in traditional surroundings. Along the way you will...

Escorted tours

Gourmet Japan Tour
13 days

Best of Japan Tour

Guide Price €6,389 pp  

Embark on this fascinating tour taking in the many different sights, experiences and history this vast country has to offer. The combination of guided and self-guided days will allow to you uncover Japan at your own pace, with options to...

Iconic journeys

Best of Japan Tour
2 days

Snow Monkeys of Japan Tour

Guide Price €399 pp  

This overnight excursion is an outstanding addition to your Japan itinerary. Witness Snow Monkeys bathing in the hot springs of Jigokundani National Park. The area varies greatly depending on the time of year but offers a thrilling experience whatever the...

Couples Holidays

Snow Monkeys of Japan Tour
9 days

Highlights of Japan Tour

Guide Price €3,569 pp  

Explore the unique culture of Japan on this 9 day journey. Combine old and new from bustling cities to authentic Ryokan stays and traditional tea ceremonies. With a combination of guided and self-guided days this is the perfect way to...

Escorted tours

Highlights of Japan Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Japan is known for its punctual high-speed bullet train network. It is extremely rare for these trains to be late, and it’s an exciting and efficient way to travel around the city. Alternatively, this efficient reliability is also employed across Japan’s public and highway buses; cycling is also extremely popular here.

As with the United Kingdom, Japan drives on the left-hand side.

Home to 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the enchanting cherry blossom of spring, Mount Fuji, and a wealth of traditional shrines and temples, Japan is also the birthplace of sushi.

Japan’s fascinating culture, jaw-dropping scenery and twinkling cities draw in millions of tourists every year. With the promise of buzzing and vibrant metropolises for urban explorers, and serene retreats, stunning vistas and historic temples for lovers of nature and ancient history. There truly is something for everybody here. Discover the Land of the Rising Sun and everything it has to offer.

Why you'll love Japan...

• Enjoying a picnic under falling cherry blossom in Tokyo
• Exploring Japan by rail aboard the high-speed Shinkansen
• Taking in the stunning mountainous landscape at Mount Fuji National Park
• Relaxing in a traditional Japanese ryokan
• Soaking your muscles in your private onsen
• Indulging in exquisite Japanese cuisine – from Michelin-starred restaurants to noodle bars and sushi spots
• Discovering traditional teahouses, ancient shrines and charming local markets in culture capital Kyoto
• Visiting the poignant Peace Memorial in Hiroshima
• Walking among geishas at Gion District
• Looking out across the bustling city from the heights of Tokyo Tower
• Marvelling at the colourful street art and eccentric fashion scene at Harajuku
• Escaping the hectic cities in blissful Hakone

Did you know?

• Japanese trains are so punctual, that a 2012 report concluded the average train delay in Tokaido was just 18 seconds. If there is a delay of more than five minutes, the rail company at fault will issue passengers with a ‘late certificate’ as official reasoning for late attendance at work or exams.
• Japanese farmers grow square watermelons for easier storage in the home.
• There are more pets in Japan than there are children.