Al-Khazneh Petra


Petra – Things to do

Petra Attractions

Where do we start with Petra? Famous for its rock-cut ruins dating back to the Nabataean era, The Rose City is quite simply, the most staggering archaeological site in Jordan. When you leave the siq, the narrow entrance of the ancient city, you’ll get your first glimpse of Al-Khazneh and its famous pink façade. You’ve seen it in on the front of travel magazines, now it’s time to see if for yourself.

Petra at night

We’ll let you in to a secret, one of the most moving ways to see the city of Petra is by night. You’ll emerge into the famed Al-Khazneh, known as the Treasury, and it will be aglow with 1,500 candles. It’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

Petra Archaeological Park

This vast and unworldly landscape of pink-hued rocks across Wadi Musa has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. When you hike the various trails around this 264,000 square-mile site, you’ll understand why. Look out for the Roman amphitheatre which dates to the 1st century AD.