Amman Citadel


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Jordan Attractions

The landscapes of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to give the Middle Eastern country its full name, are nothing short of cinematic. Navigate the vast, red-sand Wadi Rum desert and you’ll feel like you’re on Mars. Step inside the ancient city of Petra and you’ll be transported back in time. Then, delve beneath the surface of the Red Sea for an underwater scene so surreal it could well be the work of Walt Disney.


Jordan might be more than 80 percent desert, but wildlife is here in abundance. Dive off the beaches of Aqaba to meet the Red Sea’s finest marine life, or journey into the desert in search of the Sinai rosefinch – Jordan’s national, and well-camouflaged, bird.

Monastery at Petra


You might just mistake the entrance to the ancient Nabataean city of Petra for a mirage. Carved into the rose-pink cliff, it emerges from the desert to reveal a rock-chiselled complex of royal tombs and a sacred Siq, or canyon, all of which lay undiscovered until 1812.

Dead Sea, Middle East

The Dead Sea

The hyper saline lake, aptly named because no animal or plant species can survive the high salt content, the Dead Sea brings together breathtaking beauty, compelling history and luxurious mineral spas; a truly special oasis.