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Madagascar Holidays

Madagascar  enables you to explore one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Here deep jungles ring with the calls of tropical birds and ring-tailed lemurs. At the island’s edge, palm trees fringe white sand beaches, while inland, great mountains erupt from the ground.

Adventurous travellers are drawn here by the unique flora and fauna that call this island home. Madagascar’s 150,000 endemic species of animals evolved apart from their ancestors on mainland Africa. They include the mysterious long-fingered aye-aye, the stealthy fossa and the brightly coloured panther chameleon. You can hike among giant baobab trees, explore the alien landscapes of the Tsingy Rouge Park and bathe in crystal clear waters on Nosy Be beach. One thing’s for sure - this will be among the most memorable places you visit.

World class luxury holidays in Madagascar

Hayes & Jarvis has been a leading operator of tailor made holidays for over 60 years. In that time we’ve developed an unparalleled knowledge of the destinations we offer. Get in touch today to speak with our advisors and start planning your ideal holiday.

Take on the Madagascar Classic tour for a trip around the island’s most iconic sights - including the Andringitra and Isalo national parks. Along the way you’ll meet friendly locals eager to share their culture.

Our Colours of Madagascar tour focuses on wildlife. You can expect to see lemurs, turtles and chameleons along with some majestic scenery. For a VIP experience try the Madagascar Ultimate Luxury Wildlife Experience tour, where you can split your time between exploring the rainforests and relaxing in high-end beachside resorts.

Destination Highlights
  • Trek through deep jungle
  • Sunbathe on pristine beaches
  • Meet the island’s wildlife
  • Relax in world class resorts
  • Dive in the Indian ocean
  • Discover magical Antananarivo

Time Zone

GMT +3

Flight Time

Approx 14-16 hours; indirect from London. Stop over options are Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Paris


Malagasy ariary, though Euros are widely accepted

Visa Information

A 30-day visa is obtained on arrival for a small fee which has to be paid in cash in Malagasy ariary, US dollars or Euros. Make sure an entry stamp is recorded in your passport. A tourist visa has a maximum validity of 3 months and isn’t extendable.


French and Malagasy

Health Information

Medical information can often change so please consult with your doctor/GP at least 4-6 weeks before travelling for the latest information.

Types of Madagascar holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Madagascar definitely works to its own schedule so if short on time it is not the ideal destination. We would recommend a trip of minimum 7 days, though 10 is better and more than that perfect, especially if want to add a beach stay at the end or explore the more hidden areas of the country.

Madagascar has their own unique eco system and therefore their own wildlife. Madagascar is about seeing nature in its truest form and enjoying creatures such as lemurs, iguanas and birds. If you want to see the BIg Five you need to visit places like Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Not currently. While cars can be hired they automatically come with a driver as you are not allowed to hire a car without a driver. All of our private tours come with a vehicle and driver, the benefit to this is that the driver knows the road, which way to go and if there is an issue (which is not unheard of) they can sort it out. This allows you to sit back, relax and just enjoy the holiday. 

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