Madagascar – Things to do

Madagascar Attractions

Madagascar has plenty of things to keep you occupied so that you thoroughly enjoy your holiday. It is a country that you can combine being active with doing absolutely nothing.



There are over 70 species of lemur in Madagascar. Look out for these playful creatures where ever you go.

Isalo National Park

Exploring the country and its National Parks

Madagascar has many National Parks and they are a wonderful place to see the 'true' Madagascar. Most National Parks have places you can go for walks, ranging from a gentle pace through to a serious hike. As you walk be sure to take in the multitude of flowers and plant life, spot animals and relax in peaceful settings. Antsirabe is famous for hot springs, Isalo National Park has a favourite due to its oddly shaped sand stone rocks, deep gorges and wide canyons, Berenty Reserve is alive with lemurs, turtles, chameleons and much more while Ronomafana is one of Madagascar's most popular parks due to its’ spectacular plant life.

Stunning Beaches

Not many people know but Madagascar is one of the best places in the world for beaches. With many beaches on little islands, particularly in the north west and east coast. It really is a wonderful place to forget the world exists for a few days.