Interactive cooking at Eureka

Learn how to make your own tasty Creole cuisine

Shop the markets of Port Louis for your perfect ingredients before participating in an authentic Mauritian cooking lesson at the unique Creole house - Eureka. 

The first stop on your agenda is the islands capital city - Port Louis. Stroll the local market for a glimpse of vibrant Mauritian life. You will be provided with a shopping list consisting of fresh fruit and tasty vegetables needed for your upcoming meal. Wander the market and collect your ingredients whilst soaking up the spectacular views of Port Louis's historical buildings. 

Head to Eureka, an elegant unique Creole house built in 1830. The house is filled with antiques and interesting architecture setting the perfect scene for an interactive cooking class. Learn all about the local Creole spices and flavours used to make delicious foods, combined with your fresh picks of the day creating your traditional Mauritian meal. Sit back and relax under the veranda of the colonial house overlooking the gardens and enjoy your tasty creation. 

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"Show off to your friends and family at a dinner party upon your return with your very own Creole recipes. From the balance of spices, to initiative ingredients, learn all about delicious Mauritian cuisine."