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Mauritius and Reunion Island Multi Centre Holiday

It’s no secret that Mauritius is a paradise island. One glance at its striking sapphire waters, pristine white sand beaches and world class luxury resorts leaves no room for doubt. With our Mauritius and Reunion Island multi-centre holiday, you can enjoy the ultimate luxury stay and then head for an undiscovered secret.

Famed for some of the world’s finest resorts, Mauritius has a reputation that precedes it. The waters glisten, the sand is softer than velvet and the botanical gardens are immaculate. But if you can pull yourself away from the shimmering beaches for just a moment, you’ll quickly see that the tropical island has much more to offer.

Discover world class diving and snorkelling in the spotless and unpolluted Mauritian waters. Taste the delicious and diverse cuisine of the island with a fusion of Indian, Creole and French flavours. Nature lovers should go on an excursion to the perfectly kept Mauritius National Botanical Garden. 

Just east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, awaits a tiny and intriguing spot of land - Reunion Island. A tropical island that has been a popular escape for the French, Reunion Island belongs to its proud people and is the perfect way to end your Indian Ocean stay. Admire the island’s proudest feature, the famous active basaltic volcano Piton de la Fournaise. Go shopping in Grand Baie, the cosmopolitan resort where you can also try windsurfing or water skiing. 


11 days

Guide Price

 €3,999  pp
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Trip highlights

  • Unwind in total luxury in five star beachfront restaurants and bars in Mauritius
  • Discover a piece of France in the Indian Ocean at Reunion Island
  • Dive into world class snorkelling sites in Mauritius
  • Glimpse the majestic and celebrated active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise in Reunion

Holidays in Mauritius are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind in world class, picture perfect surroundings. Its shimmering blue waters and powdery white sand beaches have turned the island into a world class honeymoon destination, but Mauritius has plenty for families and solo travellers too.

At the Mauritius National Botanical Garden, you can admire the 85 different types of palm trees and more than 650 varieties of plants. It may take more than a week to cover the entire garden, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy here.

If you’re feeling more active, adventures can explore Mauritius’ spectacular mountain ranges. Enjoy the steep climb to the top before looking out over the stunning islands. There are also 50 incredible diving sites to discover, with over 200 different species of coral fish and turtles to be seen.

In Reunion Island, you can discover the hidden gem of the Indian Ocean. It’s a mountainous island, surrounded by endless cascading waterfalls and tropical forests. Admire the fascinating and majestic active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise. Locals celebrate the eruption of the volcano (it poses no threat to the island) and it’s a spectacular and dramatic show to witness.

Visit the famous Seven Coloured Earth while in Reunion Island. This remarkable formation of bright, multicoloured sand dunes looks more like small cushiony hills than they do sand. Explorers have 1,000 km of hiking trails to take on, through desolate landscapes and rocky volcanic mountains. When it comes to cuisine, the flavours are just as diverse as the island’s people. Try the local classic cari - a one pot rice dish of meat or fish coated in saffron, tomatoes, ginger and fresh chillies.