Mozambique – Things to do

Mozambique Attractions

The secret’s out now, Mozambique is one of Southern Africa’s most beautiful countries, so hurry before anyone else gets here first. This former Portuguese colony teems with unique wildlife and many people flock here to see some of the planets greatest predators in their natural habitat. You’ll also find marvelous whale watching opportunities off its stunning coast.

Mozambique Birds

Gorongosa National Park

Some people call the Gorongosa National Park the ‘Serengeti of the South’ and rightly so. But bigger doesn’t always mean better – yes, you’re going to spot the Big Five, but some of the most fascinating creatures you’ll spot here are members of the insect world, including dung beetles, ants, katydids, and praying mantis.

Scuba diving Mozambique


Whether you’re an avid diver or a curious novice, you’ll want to know this: The pocket of Indian Ocean off the Mozambique coastline plays home to the Quirimbas Archipelago – a 155-mile necklace of coral islands – which means one thing, it’s one of the best diving destinations on Earth.