North Island, NZ

Rotorua – Best time to go

Best time to visit Rotorua

The best time of year to book a holiday in Rotorua is September to November.

The spring season is the perfect time to escape colder weather in the UK and enjoy the many outdoor activities. 

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 27°C
Minimum Night Time Temperature – 0°C
Average rainfall – 102mm per month
Average daylight hours – 10

What’s the weather like in Rotorua between September and November?

Rotorua’s spring months bring clear days with very low rainfall and warm sunny weather. Temperatures remain between 18°C and 25°C, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration

Reasons to visit Rotorua from September to November

  • The countryside starts to produce colourful flowers and luscious forests are ideal for exploration
  • Slightly higher rainfall brings beautiful waterfalls, ideal for hikers, mountain bikers and explorers alike
  • Lambs can be seen throughout the luscious green fields, providing an idyllic view during your stay
  • Visit Tihiotonga Centennial Park for pink cherry blossoms, and enjoy the Tulip Festival, which is held every October