South Island, NZ

Fiordland and Te Anau – Best time to go

Best time to visit Fiordland and Te Anau

The best time of year to book a holiday in Fiordland and Te Anau is December to March

The summer months offer longer days with lots of sun and warm temperatures.

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 20°C
Minimum Night Time Temperature – 2°C
Average rainfall – 102mm per month
Average daylight hours – 9

What’s the weather like in Fiordland and Te Anau between December and March?

Temperatures are warm throughout the summer, and can reach up to 20°C. Rainfall remains fairly high in Spring, which increases the flow of waterfalls. The days remain long, perfect for explorers.

Reasons to visit Fiordland and Te Anau from December to March

  • Alpine wildflowers are in bloom throughout the spring and summer season
  • As the snow melts in Spring, around November and December, the waterfalls fill up and provide spectacular views
  • Long days and warm weather provide excellent conditions for hiking and kayaking
  • Dolphins can be seen throughout the year, as well as Little Blue Penguins and seals