Oman – Things to do

Oman Attractions

Oman has an intrinsic modesty that belies its showstopping beauty. Often overshadowed by its extravagant Gulf neighbours, it’s managed to retain a sense of mystery, with unexplored deserts, untouched beaches, and Bedouin settlements where time stood still centuries back. You’ll notice even the cities, like the capital of Muscat, are high-rise-free zones. The result? You get an unadulterated taste of this country’s incredible past.

Oman landscape

Souk shopping

You’ll develop a skill for haggling by the time you leave Oman. Step into any of the souks and you can barter for spices, silks, and souvenirs. But make a special trip to Muscat’s Mutrah Souq for a truly authentic taste of an Arab market in all its chaotic, colourful glory.

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Jeep Safari, Oman

Wahiba Sands

The landscape of the Wahiba Sands, Oman’s vast desert region, is straight from a sci-fi movie. Undulating sand dunes that ripple off in every direction look like the surface of another planet, and provide the perfect otherworldly venue for daytime safaris and night-time camp-outs under the stars.

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