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Sri Lanka Tours

Tours of Sri Lanka allow you to experience the country’s glorious sandy beaches, wonderful wildlife, lively cities and peaceful tea plantations. Book a luxury private tour and set out to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. We’ve created a selection of suggested itineraries to help you enjoy Sri Lanka at its best.

For a luxury tour of Sri Lanka’s best hotels and destinations, book our Discover Sri Lanka, exclusively with Uga tour. Stay in exclusive Uga Escapes hotels as you discover the energy of Colombo, pretty village of Thirappane and its peaceful setting, and the rock citadel of King Kasyapa. You’ll see ancient temples and cities, colonial architecture and thriving coral reefs before finishing back in the capital of Colombo.

Add one of our shorter Sri Lanka tours to your holiday. Our Yala National Park Short Tour takes you on safari with expert guides through beautiful landscapes where you might spot leopards, elephants, sloth bears and more. Pair this with the four day Cultural Kandy & Tea Tour and explore rich rice paddy fields, rural villages, botanical gardens and a tea plantation set in the emerald mountains. Alternatively, book the World Heritage Sri Lanka tour and immerse yourself in the country’s history and culture. See UNESCO World Heritage Sites, climb to Sigiriya Rock and explore incredible ancient caves.

Animal lovers should book the Wildlife of Sri Lanka tour, which will see you seeking out leopards, elephants, sloth bears, wild boars and lots more. Pair this with our Splendours of Sri Lanka Boutique Tour and admire the spectacular landscapes, friendly hospitality and colonial towns of the country.

8 days Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

Classic Ceylon Tour

Guide Price  €1,959  pp  

Classic Ceylon is a popular comprehensive tour, taking in Sri Lanka's rich history, fascinating culture and beautiful scenery. From seeing the rolling tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya to the history ruins of Polonnoruwa and the cultural capital on Kandy, on...

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Classic Ceylon Tour
11 days Uga Ulagalla Resort

Discover Sri Lanka, Exclusively with Uga


Uga Escapes has one aim in their properties - to unite the magic of Sri Lanka with the hospitality of its people. Something that is effortlessly achieved at all of their resorts. We have partnered with the boutique luxury brand...

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Discover Sri Lanka, Exclusively with Uga
4 days a garden with water in the background

Cultural Kandy & Tea Tour

Guide Price  €581  pp  

This short daily private guided tour, ideal for combining with a relaxing beach stay. Take in the fascinating and historic city of Kandy, then wind into Nuwara Eliya for Sri Lanka's beautiful tea plantations - learn about the tea making...

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Cultural Kandy & Tea Tour
4 days Sigiriya Rock Fortress

World Heritage Sri Lanka

Guide Price  €679  pp  

This private escorted tour offers an introduction into the culture and history of Sri Lanka. Your guide is a true asset and their knowledge and passion of the country can be shared with you on your journey to these fascintating...

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World Heritage Sri Lanka
8 days Elephant, Udawalawe National Park

Wildlife of Sri Lanka


From the forests of Wilpattu to the open plains of Minneriya, witness Sri Lanka's never-ending array of wildlife while enjoying a thrilling adventure tour. Visit during December to March for the best chance of experiencing rare wildlife including the leopard...

Escorted tours

Wildlife of Sri Lanka
3 days Leopard in Yala

Yala National Park Short Tour


Safari through Yala National Park and spot the array of wildlife that call this beautiful corner of the island their home. From leopards to elephants and from sloth bears to buffalo there is no shortage of the park's residents to...

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Yala National Park Short Tour
5 days Lion Rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Splendours of Sri Lanka Boutique Tour


Best known for its rich heritage and diverse landscape, we've created this 4 night itinerary to allow you to experience the heartland of Sri Lanka. It is ideal to be combined with a relaxing beach stay on the islands coastlines...

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Splendours of Sri Lanka Boutique Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Sri Lanka’s sun-drenched tropical climate means it’s among the few places that can boast being a year-round destination. Split between two monsoons, the north and eastern regions enjoy the dry season around May to September, with the south-west dry season generally being between December to March.

At an approximate 40km from the mainland of India, it’s easy to see why many people might not appreciate or recognise the differences between the two countries. Culturally and historically speaking, the two countries could not be any more contrasting.  

Religion – Hinduism is the largest religion in India while Buddhism is larger in Sri Lanka – both by large margins. The caste system is still very prominent in India, yet is almost non-existent in Sri Lanka.

Wildlife – both countries are well known for their wildlife. Sri Lanka has a very large wildlife population relative to its size which makes spotting animals more likely – particularly whales and leopards.

History – while both were once British colonies, Sri Lanka was also partly colonised by the Dutch and the Portuguese, which is apparent in cities like Galle.

Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its use of coconut milk, rice, dry spices and fish, usually in a combination of multiple small dishes. Rice is used as a basis for most meals in Sri Lanka, and ‘short eats’ are a daily staple, available from street vendors and bakeries in most cities and towns. Generally speaking, these consist of deep-fried pastries with meat and vegetable fillings. 

With over 2,000 years of artistic culture, timeless ruins, diverse wildlife and awe-inspiring historical landmarks spread across this small island paradise, many consider Sri Lanka the hidden gem of South Asia.

Why you’ll love Sri Lanka…

• Scaling the ancient ‘Lion Rock’ Sigiriya Rock fortress in Dambulla
• Discovering age-old sculptures and paintings within the caves of Dambulla cave temple
• Roaming the emerald-green rolling hills of Sri Lanka’s famous tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya
• Take to two wheels on a cycling tour of Sri Lanka’s cultural capital Kandy
• Wandering with the crowds in the Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy
• Sauntering through an idyllic rainbow of orchids and trees at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya
• Spotting leopards, elephants and sloth bears on a thrilling safari through Yala National Park
• Be at one with nature with a trip through the forests of Wilpattu
• Travelling back in time and explore the archaeological wonders of Polonnaruwa
• Enjoying the ocean breeze on a walk around Galle Fort
• Braving the climb and witness a breath-taking sunrise at Adam’s Peak
• Journeying through the thriving ‘garden city of the East’ of Colombo

Did you know...

• Sri Lanka is home to the oldest historically authenticated tree planted by man. The tree, called Sri Maha Bodhi, is situated in Anuradhapura, and has been tended to for over 2000 years. Grown from an Indian cutting brought from Bodh Gaya, it is said the cutting is from a tree under which Buddha found enlightenment
• On 22nd July 1960, Sri Lanka elected Sirima Bandaranaike – the world’s first female prime minister
• Though you would think it be cricket, volleyball was defined as the country’s national sport in 1991

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