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Marigot Bay Resort & Marina

Five star luxury in a picturesque bay

Set on the hillside, the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina is a superb five star resort offers luxurious facilities including an award-winning spa, incredible service and panoramic bay views. Step into a decadent world full of luxury yachts and exclusive shopping spots, spend leisurely mornings soaking it up from your own private balcony, or from the outdoor terrace of the ambient Hurricane Hole. Lavish rooms with hardwood floors and designer amenities await, with delicious dining spots; including the authentic Rum Cave and the gorgeous specialities of The Grill at 14*61. For families, there is always a warm welcome at the resort with activities for the kids and plenty of things to do and see. 

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Soufriere seafront

Hotel highlights

  • Beautiful panoramic views of Marigot Bay
  • Convenient personal assistant service
  • Exclusive shopping at Marina Village
  • Relax in the award-winning Auriga Spa

Hotel Features

General Information

  • Check-in Time:
  • Check-out Time:
  • 124 rooms

Main Facilities

  • Outdoor pool
  • Watersports
  • Wifi

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  • Luxury Collection

Board Basis Options

  • All Inclusive

For Families

  • Babysitting

Hotel Location

Location Highlights

Marigot Bay Resort & Marina

  • Beach
  • Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes from Hewanorra International Airport
  • Try one of the excursions organised by the hotel - Zip-lining, River Kayaking, Hiking, Deep Sea Fishing...
  • Visit the near by traditional market at Castries
  • Give a speed boat tour a go off the beautiful coastline
  • Situated in a tropical haven with stunning ocean views
622 Reviews 92% of travellers recommended this hotel

Traveller ratings

  • Excellent 510
  • Very Good 80
  • Average 22
  • Poor 8
  • Terrible 2

What to Expect

  • Sleep Quality
  • Location
  • Rooms
  • Service
  • Value
  • Cleanliness


Feb 09, 2020

Not a good fit for me but good balance of luxury and location

Toronto, Canada

My wife and I visited Marigot Bay the first week of Dec 2019. The resort itself is nestled on a smallish chunk of land, on the South end of its namesake, Marigot Bay. This little harbour is really quite nice. Fairly lush and deep, with mangroves at the end, a small sand spit for a beach, and lush hills all around. The bay is not large at all, maybe 250 feet across, and maybe a thousand feet from the tip to the open sea. The resort seems to have done its best to deal with the relatively small piece of land, and has a cluster of 3 (or was it 4) story buildings which follow a 4 foot wide walkway from the entrance to the pool and restaurant area. I’m not sure how many buildings there are, but probably around 9 of the larger buildings (on the main path), and a few of the smaller ones at water level. There are also more buildings further back which I am guessing are the lower room categories or possibly staff buildings. The buildings themselves are stucco with dark wood post balconies and stair and walkways everywhere. In generally, the higher buildings all have decent views of the bay as they are further up the hill from the water (the first level might not have the best view). Also the larger buildings seem to have been built with two rooms, and a common area between them. If you have booked a suite, they unlock the door to the central part, where you have a kitchen and additional living space and an additional balcony. For most of our stay, there was no on in the middle section. They have a few restaurants. One lunch restaurant is really the bar and tables by the pool (sushi). The main restaurant building has two levels, with one restaurant on each level, and a business center. There are two pools. As this is a marina, there is a nice boardwalk that follows the water’s edge and is full of rather expensive boats. While we were there, there was a multimillion dollar yacht there (I checked, it was a rental and for sale). Below the restaurant building is the spa, which has a small chunk of land with some trees, a few cabanas and some typical spa amenities (hot tub, waterfall, etc.). Pre-contact The hotel contacted us prior to arrival to ask preferences, see if we had special requests and do some of the things you normally do at check-in. At first it felt a little invasive, but I suppose they were looking for ways to make the experience more stream lined. It was a nice touch to actually have the hotel asking YOU want sort of room do you want, do you have dietary concerns, how can we help you, etc. This was one of the little ways that I can see management is trying to go above and beyond. They did want copies of my passport (I forget if they wanted it for themselves, or for that car rental place we were using), which I was not sure how I felt about providing that over the internet. In the end, I opted to show them those documents when I arrived, and they were fine with that. I will say that they were very willing to help with sorting out cars, looking for places that might rent bicycles, scuba places, etc. I really liked the effort they were expending to help us before we even got on the property. Initial Experiences Strangely, the place did not initially give us a great impression. There was really nothing significantly wrong, and perhaps it was my own frame of mind, or expectations of what the cost of this place SHOULD give us, but we were a little concerned at fist. While a small thing, we did notice that the entrance was a little underwhelming. Nice, but not grand. The people were good, efficient, and the brought us out the requisite drink and cold towels, but the usual sit and wait while they type into a computer (I supposed if I had sent them more information things may have gone faster). They drove us down the short stretch to our building in a golf cart, and helped drag our luggage up the flights of stairs to our top floor room. Note, we had asked for a top floor to avoid annoying thumping from above and to have the best view….. BUT it was 73 steps to the top. We were getting our exercise, particularly if you forgot your sunglasses after coming down to the pool. The guy who helped us seemed a little miffed at the size of the tip we gave him, which I did not like. Perhaps he was not expecting a tip at all…. Not sure. After we settled in, we found that there was a tapas restaurant open, so we trekked down to try it out. I’ll say more about the food later, but there was a pile of confusion over our order, and the waiter was not able (or did not know how) to handle a specific request. The lagoon was also smelling a bit causing an unpleasant dining environment as we ate. We also felt that for a few small servings of tapas that we were going to be spending a LOT on food on our vacation. We had kinda expected expensive food that as we know that St Lucia and resorts were generally expensive, but it felt a little like we were maybe going to feel taken advantage of or that we were not going to enjoy the food for the price we were asked to pay. We shook it off and went back to our room…. Rooms I quite liked our room. Very nice. A good size. As I mentioned, we had requested a top level room, and unlike other resorts, they came through. Our room was in a nicer category, meaning we were in one of the closer buildings with a nice few. The room itself has rustic furniture, a little writing desk, a small round table for your drinks, the TV console with bar fridge, and a large king size canopy bed with mosquito net. At the end of the room, there were two closets on either side of the door to the bathroom which stretched across the entire width of the room. The closets where dark wood, and had a modern digital safe (good size), and lit up when you opened them (and unfortunately, one lit up sometimes when it was closed). The bathroom was large, had an open concept shower (no tub), two sinks and lots of counter space. The room was clean, with a little mold on the shower silicon, but not really visible unless you looked. There were two slatted windows in the bathroom allowing you to hear the frogs singing at night. It was wonderful. The deck was large enough for a couple of chairs and little table. The bed, yeah, a little firm as usual. A decent sized TV which you can plug your devices into the back if you want to watch a movie or something. They had a decent selection of international TV stations. A little low res, but good enough. WIFI was strong, and depending on time of day, good enough to stream Netflix. I will say that the poster bed and mosquito net did make for a wonderful experience. There were very few or no bugs that I noticed, so the net was largely ornamental. Beach (or lack thereof) But wait you say, there is a beach across the bay! Yeah… well… I think this was the thing that most bothered me about the hotel. And I’m sure if you read other reviews about this place, it has come up a lot. Some people say it’s fine, some people say its small, others say who cares. I was personally surprised how much it stuck in the back of my head. I’m not a beach person per se. On most vacations I tend to be too busy renting cars, going diving, etc, to really care that much about a beach. I normally only make maybe 2 or 3 visits to the beach, so I did not think it would matter. So, first off, is it hard to get to the beach? When I was booking I was thinking a lot about it being too far, how much could I rely on the water taxi, will I get stuck over there, will I need to tip all the time, etc. Well, they have done everything they can to make it easy. To get to the beach, you walk down the (73 ) steps to get to the pool, restaurant level, then down another 20 or so to get to the water level, then 200 feet along the boardwalk to the little dock. Wait between 0 and 5 minutes and a little boat will show up. Hop on, and in 2 minutes you are across. There will be a woman there who works for the resort which will help you find the area of the beach for Marigot. And that’s it. Really quite easy. Maybe 10-15 minutes door to door. And if you’ve been to one of those massive Playa del Carmen resorts, you can easily take that long to walk to the beach. But still, it feels wrong. The beach itself is rather small. While I did not swim at it, I did go past it a few times when looking around and going scuba diving. It’s maybe 50 feet long, and has a buoy line out maybe 20 or 30 feet to stop the fairly large amount of boat traffic from coming too close to you. There are palm trees in the area making it look fairly nice, but not a lot of shade. There are a few little businesses, selling beer, water, or renting kayaks, etc. Some mildly pushy sales people who wait to be approached, but nothing too out of line. I think most people could have a good time there. Bring the kids over, hang out. It’s not far out of the way. But it just felt like it was not yours and it was too small. In fact, this beach is shared with the locals and the other hotels that are on the other side of the bay. So, if you are a beach person, who likes to hang out frequently, finds your own special place on the beach, and religiously gets up early to spend the day at the beach, this will probably not be to your liking. If it’s a hot day, and you want to get in the water for a short dip, and maybe lounge for a while and don’t mind a lack of privacy, then you will be okay. Long story short, this is not a beach resort. Pools There are two pools. One on the main level which is of a moderate size which most people use and one smaller one down closer to the water level beside a small lagoon (which as I noted, regrettably, sometimes smells funky). It’s too bad about the smell, as it’s private and there is a waterfall from the main level. The main pool has maybe a half dozen day beds which are usually gone fairly early, and maybe 20 or so recliners. The pool water was not overly warm when we were there. The main pool also has the requisite swim up bar. We did not spend very much time at the pool. It seemed “nice”, but not something you would fall in love with. To be fair, we were out doing stuff most days, but the pool area just did not scream STAY HERE! It’s nicer than many hotels, but a seasoned traveler will think this is nice enough, but that’s about it. Water toys No hobby-cats, kayaks, SUPs. C’mon! This is not a cheap resort. Over by the beach, there are a couple of places you can rent these things from. The prices are not too bad, running around $40USD for a day. The place by the beach is cheaper and has lower end kayaks (sit atops). If you walk over to the Scuba place (Dive Fair Helen), they have nicer kayaks, but are also more restrictive and a little more money. The big problem is that the bay is fairly small, and has a good amount of traffic. It’s all slow speed traffic, but not the sort of area you would want to have unaccompanied kids doing their own thing. I rented a kayak and got to witness a mother rushing out on a boat to tongue lash her kids for snorkeling out by the entrance to the bay. Another thing to note is that they want to accompany you everywhere you go (this is a trend in the country). They want you to do a tour. I kayak on my own and I love exploration, so all I wanted was a kayak to use for a few hours. It took some convincing, but the woman renting it did eventually let me go on my own. I don’t think the scuba place would have done that. I kayaked down the coast, found the cool river with the small section of mangroves and went up it a km or so (was told many times, do NOT go to the bridge, there are bad guys there). The Food We did not opt for the all-inclusive food plan as it was very expensive (in our opinion). We tend to not drink that much, so paying all that money to get drunk one or two nights seemed like a waste. There are 3 restaurants, the grill, the run cave and the hurricane hole. As the latter is really just the bar by the pool (serving sushi), there are really only two real restaurants. Breakfasts were included, and were quite good. “The grill” has a nice patio, and A/C’d dining room, with a nice set of options. The staff were excellent and friendly. Remembering your personal preferences. You could order off the menu, or wander into the buffet area and help yourself to breads, baked good, fruit, juice, etc. There were some hot trays set up with mostly sides, and your eggs where always cooked to order. Food was served at a relaxed pace. I think dinners were only served late at the Grill and Run cave. We ate a couple of dinners at the Grill, which had a steak house sort of menu. We thought it was very good, and the value reasonable. We tried the sushi at the bar, and while the menu looked great, they literally got every one of the things we ordered wrong. They fixed the problems, but I found there was only one of the dishes I really liked. The others were a little gummy and strong tasting. And the Run Cave was where we ate the Tapas our first night... The tapas themselves were really good, but we did have some problems with the staff understanding what we wanted to order. The issue was fixed. There are other restaurants in the area. As we rented a car and drove a lot, this meant that we did not try as much food in the resort area. There is a cool looking restaurant at the back end of the bay which reportedly sells local food by the water. I would definitely go there if I went back. We focused on the Indian restaurant at the edge of the property. It was called Masala Bay and is a sister restaurant to one in Rodney bay. The Indian was top notch, right up there with some of the best Indian food I can get back home. Expensive tho. We ate there twice and I believe we spent in the $100 to $150 range with apps, mains, desert and drinks. This place was on the second floor of their shopping area. There is also a dining area on the main floor, which seemed to be more modern bar food. We did not eat there, but noticed they had live music and ice cream. I think there are also some smaller mom and pop places at the top of the hill outside of the resort, along with a bakery, and restaurants across the harbor with the other hotels. So, no shortage of options for a 1 week stay. Shopping The two story complex at the bottom of the resort should have been full of great little shops, but unfortunately there were only a handful of places that seemed to be closed any time we went by, and were selling basically just bathing suits and trinkets. If you drive or take a tour to the duty free shopping up in Castries or Rodney Bay, you will probably be slightly underwhelmed. While the shopping up there was better, it was not that great (i.e. nothing like St Martin, Curacao, Antigua). Rodney Bay had a mall with modern mid-level stores and Castries had two areas: The cruise ship area with the a decent set of watch and jewelry shops, and the downtown market with a food market and (apparently) some higher end shopping. Scuba A brief note for Scuba divers…. The only dive shop in the area is Dive Fair Helen, conveniently across the bay. My experience with them was that they were so-so. I found the woman running the shop to be irritable, disorganized and even a little rude (at one point, I asked if they dove on Sunday, and got a rather indigent statement about St Lucians being good Christians and going to church that day). When talking prices, she struggled to do basic math, and when I pointed it out an error, she got angry, and walked away. The day I dove, no one seemed to know where the boat was going to pick us up, and the entire group of 20 people kept being told to walk back and forth the entire strip of land. The staff on the boat were better for sure, but even them, they did not exude the sense of professionalism I would have liked to see. That said, they were decent and I would dive again with them if I was at Marigot bay. They were priced about average compared to other dive shops and it was nice that they left a little later in the morning (9 or 10 I think). I did look into other dive shops in St Lucia, and none of them would pick me up at Rodney Bay (even if they were passing by), all wanting me to drive to meet them. While these other shops did have great reviews (far better than DFH), one would have to get up in the dark, drive a windy road for 30 – 60 minutes to link up. It was not worth it for me. We dove near Anse Chastanet beach area within view of the pitons. They were better than average dives, although I did see a little coral die off which is always sad to see. The Spa We booked a couples massage on the last day, and it was very good. The people Now this is a really touchy subject. And it’s dangerous to generalize from the relatively small number of people you come into contact with during a trip like this (and I am talking more about off resort than on resort). But I did find that the St Lucian’s seemed to feel different about tourists than other places I’ve been. Where there is a certain level of “I want your money” wherever you go, it felt different in St Lucia. I did not get a “happy to see you” feeling. While businesses were generally fine, I felt the people had a “we know our country is beautiful, and seeing as you are enjoying it, you should give us money” vibe. I know this may not be fair, but it’s the feeling I got when we stopped by the side of the road and talked to people. There seemed to be an entitlement that if you are a visitor, you are supposed to pay random strangers for the pleasure of being there. It just seemed that everywhere we were , it was constructed that you needed to pay someone to walk beside you. To guide you. To keep you safe. To tell you about the trees. And sometimes it was just silly. Tet Paul trail, a short loop near Soufriere is maybe 1 KM, had mandatory guides lined up to give you the tour. We visited the drive in volcano, and some bored woman forced upon us, barely telling us anything for a 200 foot walk. Then once we got back suddenly she got friendly, looking for a tip for her “great” service. Perhaps it was bad luck. Perhaps on a different trip we would find the opposite experience. Overall The resort felt a little cramped for me, and I think that the owners are aware of the limitations of the facilities and are compensating with top notch service. And that really was the highlight. This was some of the best service I’ve had in my Southern vacations. The people running the place know how to raise the bar on service. There were little things, like always dropping off baked goods or snacks in your room while you are out (e.g. shortbread, guacamole, chocolates), or the larger things like the help they offered us to sort out and coordinating the car rental, the scuba reservations, or even trying to help us find a specific hiking trail (they failed on that one, but I only found one person on the island that knew of it as it had been wiped out by a hurricane). My wife had heard that they were offering fresh coconut by the pool and was disappointed because she missed it, and without asking, by the time we got back to the room, there were two coconuts opened up and waiting for us. The rooms were clean and moderately spacious. The A/C pulled strong, and there was lots of hot water. The views were nice. The food, while a little pricey, was good or even very good at times. But unfortunately, even although there are a lot of great things to say about the place, and there was not a single thing which was really bad, somehow it did not quite work for me. I have wrestled with trying to figure that out, and the only thing that comes to my mind is the lack of beach. I know I said in the outset that I am not a beach person, but I guess at some level for me it is mandatory when going South. That having a beach is a focal point in some ways. So I will leave it at that. If you are a beach person, you will feel it’s absence/weakness. If you are a boat person, and could care less about a stretch of sand, you will probably love this place.
Feb 08, 2020


We stayed at a few places on the island during our couple weeks plus trip. This is definitely at the top of the list for beauty, staff, quality, and good value. highly recommend and can't say enough about how much the staff cared about attention to detail and ensuring we were happy!
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Marigot Bay Resort & Marina

Food & Drink

Dining Terrace at the Hurricane Hole Restaurant

Hurricane Hole

Hang out in the bustling atmosphere of the Hurricane Hole with boaters, locals, and hotel guests alike. Here you can enjoy light bites, lunchtime snacks, and refreshing drinks whilst watching yachts float in and out of the Marina. Hurricane Hole can be found in the Marina Village among the popular boutique shops.

The Grill at 14*61

Indulge your taste buds in delicious grilled meats and fresh local seafood cooked to perfection on the unique handcrafted wood-burning grill of the restaurant's open-plan show kitchenand soak up the stylish ambiance of colonial décor and a delightful al fresco patio separated from the main dining room by sliding glass doors. Fragrant indigenous herbs and spices from the hotel's very own garden go into making your dinner a very special occasion, and the open-air lounge and bar makes an ideal venue for your pre-dinner and evening cocktails. Breakfast: 07:00 to 11:00 Dinner: 19:00 to 23:00

Rum Cave

An elegant setting styled in a colonial-era rum distillery style with native stone and wooden décor, the Rum Cave is a great setting for lunch, dinner and delicious drinks throughout your holiday to the resort. Overlooking the Marina Bridge, you can enjoy the sight of the yachts while trying special regional rum, beer, wine, and tasty plates. Inside, servers go from table to table with handcrafted wooden trolleys offering the delicious drinks as well as fine cigars and single malt whiskeys. There is also a menu of special cocktails for you to experience. In the evening you can unwind with a quiet drink in the moonlight while indulging in a dessert, with the pleasant background noise of live music. For an extra special experience, book yourself into one of the "rum experiences" for tastings and blending sessions so you can gain some great knowledge of this historical drink.Lunch: 11:00 to 15:00Dinner: 18:00 to 23:00Bar Service: 11:00 to 01:00

Brut Bar & Pool Bar

Experience something cool and refreshing in or around the sparkling resort pool at the Brut Bar and its adjoining Pool Bar. You won't even need to leave the poolto geta drink, or even your own lounge chair, with attendants delivering small plates and bento box-style menu items right to you.There's a range of delicious and refreshing drinks to enjoy, including ice cool mojitos and even fresh coconut juice courtesy of the four o'clock sabering ritual, where a rum barrel is brought out and each is individually macheted open for your pleasure. In terms of lunch, you can enjoy burgers, salads and delicious local ceviche, consisting of fresh local seafood. Pool Bar: 10:00 to 18:00 Brut Bar: 11:00 to 17:00

Board Basis Options

FOOD: A full breakfast available from The Grill at 14*61 daily

FOOD: Daily full breakfast from The Grill at 14*61. Three course lunch at The Grill at 14*61, the Rum Cave and Bayside Café or Brut Bar and Pool Bar. Three course dinner at The Grill at 14*61.DRINKS:Choice of bottle or draught beer (Piton or Heineken), House wine by the glass and spirits.Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages replenished daily in the in-room refreshment centerAlso includes: personal assistant service, welcome amenity in room, complimentary daily afternoon amenity, nightly turndown service, non-motorised watersports and snorkelling equipment, 24-hour fitness centre access, ferry service around the bay's bars and restaurants as well as beach, lounge chairs and towels, complimentary Wi-Fi, weekly managers cocktail party.

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