Zanzibar – Things to do

Things to do in Zanzibar

Few people who have visited Tanzania fail to mention the beauty of Zanzibar. The blindingly white beaches and cerulean waters you’re going to see here are a sight to behold. Once a key port during East Africa’s Spice Trade, you’ll find a fascinating mix of Arabic, Portuguese, African and European cultures and it provides the perfect add-on to an African safari. With jungle tours and mesmerising sunsets, you’re going to love every inch of The Spice Island.

Stone Town

Situated on Zanzibar’s seafront, Stone Town is the heartbeat of this little island perched just off Tanzania’s coast.

Dhow Zanzibar

Dhow cruises

Those teal-blue waters will tempt you at every turn, as will the softly-billowing sails of the dhow boats drifting across the reef.

Seafood and spices

Beautiful Zanzibar is the perfect backdrop to a meal, and its fine seafood restaurants more than live up to their surroundings.