Kanchanaburi Holidays

History in beautiful surroundings

Visitors have been coming to the Kanchanaburi area for many years to pay their respects to the thousands of Australian, British, Dutch and other Allied POWs who died whilst being forced to work on the Thai-Burma military supply railway between 1942-45. Earning the nickname “Death Railway” because over one hundred thousand labourers died during its construction. You can still ride on part of this railway, and learn about the horrors of its construction at the surrounding museums and memorials.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and Hellfire Pass Memorial are also regularly visited, and are sobering reminders of what these men endured.

Despite its past – there is a natural beauty to this area too, with national parks, stunning waterfalls and peaceful riverside resorts.

Just 120 kilometres west of Bangkok, it is possible to visit the area on a very long day trip. We would suggest extending this and allowing 2-3 days to fully absorb the dark history and beauty of the area.

Destination Highlights
  • Visit the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
  • Poignant Hellfire Pass
  • Ride on the "Death Railway"
  • Stunning scenery and peaceful resorts
Essential Information
See Practical Information
  • Time Zone +7GMT
  • Currency Thai Baht
  • Visa Information Irish citizens do not need to obtain a visa for stays under 30 days.
  • Language Thai - but English is widely spoken
  • Health Information No mandatory vaccinations required.

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Executive

“I would recommend a visit to the Mon Tribe if you are in the Kanchanaburi area. The villagers are so friendly, and really not at all influenced by the modern world”

Types of Kanchanaburi holidays

Kanchanaburi Multi Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

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