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Bangkok and Maldives Multi Centre Holiday

In the beating heart of Asia, Bangkok is an enchanting destination overflowing with ancient culture, delicious cuisine and excellent shopping. A short flight to the south west transports you to Maldives, where glistening white sand beaches and world class spas await. Bring your Bangkok and Maldives multi-centre to an end among the spectacular emerald green waters and limestone cliffs of this magical island.

Starting in Bangkok, there’s so much to explore in Asia’s most thriving city. Discover a deliciously fragrant cuisine designed by world renowned chefs in the restaurants and resorts. Adventurous foodies will love the huge array of street food vendors that serve up traditional Thai dishes in casual, no fuss settings. Get lost in old Bangkok at the magnificent Grand Palace, former home of the monarch. Discover the maze of alleys and centuries old temples in the biggest China Town in the world in Yaowarat Road.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and fly to Maldives, where days are spent laying on soft white sands and discovering hidden waterfalls on jungle treks. Pristine beaches are the perfect spot to unwind in after hectic Bangkok. Trade glass megamalls for hammocks and sundowners and swap swanky bars for beachfront terraces with seascape views. Watch the day pass you by on the warm sands or simply relax in the shade of the mangroves and palm trees. Tap into your inner adventurer and jump on a quad bike for an exhilarating ride in the jungle. Go snorkelling and diving to discover beautiful coral reefs, turtles, octopus and even shark. Start your holiday in the bustling city of Bangkok and end it in the serene waters of Maldives.


11 days

Guide Price

 €4,109  pp
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Trip highlights

  • Visit centuries-old temples at Yaowarat Road, the biggest China Town in the world
  • Relax with sundowners on hammocks on the pristine white sand Maldives beaches
  • Brave an exhilarating ride in the jungles of Maldives’ interiors
  • Taste the famously delicious Thai street food in Bangkok
Floating markets

The bustling metropolis of Bangkok has long been a favourite among travellers and it’s easy to see why. 

Welcome to a foodie’s paradise. Taste world class cuisine in the many fine dining restaurants where traditional Thai dishes are immaculately served. Adventurous foodies will find the famous delicious Thai cuisine bursting from every corner with the endless street food trucks and stalls. 

Culture enthusiasts have a myriad of fascinating, ancient sites and shimmering temples to visit. Fashion lovers can shop till they drop, with gleaming luxury megamalls in no short supply. Or you can enjoy haggling in the many markets which are peppered throughout the city. Head to the floating market in Bangkok and find beautiful, colourful handicrafts, antique items and so much more. 

In the evenings, the city comes alive with glittering lights. The best way to take in the views and make the most of everything this metropolis has to offer is with a relaxed drink on one of Bangkok’s many rooftop terraces.


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Postcard worthy beaches, tropical islands and deliciously authentic foods - welcome to Maldives. The beaches on this gorgeous stretch of sand are nothing short of spectacular but there’s much more to the island than its sun soaked beaches. Travel inland and discover the real beauty the island has to offer. Discover lush green rainforests, tumbling multi tier waterfalls and national parks filled with wildlife like lizards, turtles and snakes.

Thrill seekers have an entire host of activities to get stuck into, too. Snorkelling and scuba diving are ideal, with transparent waters filled with intriguing marine life. Zip lines, kayaking and quad biking are also common throughout the island. 

After the bustling and hectic Bangkok, spend the afternoon soaking up the sun with an ice-cold cocktail in hand. Enjoy the shining white sands and lush green forests; swim in the shallow waters just ten minutes from the coastline and find endlessly colourful coral reefs.