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Bangkok and Phuket Multi Centre Holiday

Book our Bangkok and Phuket multi-centre and begin your holiday in the frenetic capital of Thailand before being whisked to the paradise beaches of Phuket. This perfect pairing offers a blend of the old and new in cosmopolitan Bangkok before relaxed, laid back days on the beaches in Phuket. 

The best time to enjoy our Bangkok and Phuket multi-centre is between October and April, when the weather will be warm and the rainfall minimal. It’s also a great time to soak up some winter sun. 

Begin your multi-centre in Bangkok, where you’ll find a wide range of attractions. There are rooftop bars overlooking the impressive skyline and serving a delicious range of cocktails. You can enjoy fine dining in the many luxury restaurants in the city, or head to the markets for a taste of local life and authentic Thai flavours. For a relaxed tour of the city, book a boat trip and float past the less visited areas. 

We’ll finish our multi-centre in Phuket, on the south west coast of Thailand. Here you’ll find 30 spectacular beaches, perfect for a relaxing day spent soaking up the sun. Explore the jungle interiors or simply enjoy this luscious backdrop to your day on the beach. When it comes to activities, there are some lively towns to explore, as well as plenty of snorkelling and boat trips. 


11 days

Guide Price

 €1,766  pp
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Trip highlights

  • Explore the ancient Bangkok as well as its cosmopolitan side
  • Take a boat trip along the white sandy shores of Phuket
  • Enjoy excellent restaurants at the top of Bangkok’s many skyscrapers
  • Dive beneath the surface on a scuba diving trip, or relax on 30 beaches
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Bangkok is a city of contrasts. Of peaceful parks set within the frenetic streets. Of trendy new rooftop bars and ancient markets. Of mega malls and night markets. It’s the ideal place to immerse yourself in Thai culture, and the perfect place to begin any multi-centre holiday in Thailand.

Spend your days in Bangkok visiting the markets and mega malls. You can pick up everything from souvenirs and local handicrafts to discounts on designer labels and electrics. For a sense of the city’s culture, visit one of the many temples or the floating markets. Along the river you’ll find lively waterways full of boats, bursts of colour and many souvenirs. It’s the perfect place to practise your haggling skills.

Immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan side of Bangkok among its many rooftop bars and excellent restaurants. Taste everything from traditional Thai cuisine to Thai-American fusions as you take in the busy skyline of the city below.

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Phuket is home to some of Thailand’s most beautiful landscapes. It’s well known for its many beaches – over 30 of them – but you’ll also find plenty of lively towns and markets to keep you occupied.

Spend long lazy days on the white sands in Phuket, soaking up the sun or wandering along these beautiful beaches. The waters here are crystal clear, with plenty of opportunities for snorkelling as well. See the many colourful varieties of fish below the surface, and book a scuba diving trip for a closer look. You can also see the dramatic limestone cliffs and emerald jungles which fringe the sands from a boat trip.

In the evenings you can explore a different town every night. Head to night markets and pick up local handicrafts, jewellery and clothing as you practise your haggling. There are some excellent restaurants here, serving traditional Thai dishes as well as exquisitely fresh seafood. Finish the night with a quiet cocktail overlooking the beach, or dance the night away at a livelier bar.