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Bangkok and Phuket Multi Centre

Bangkok is an enchanting destination overflowing with cultural attractions, excellent shopping opportunities and mouth-watering cuisine. No trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to this bustling, eclectic and mysterious metropolis. A short flight to the South West coast and you will arrive at Thailand's largest Island, Phuket. You'll find lots to explore from shimmering temples to stunning palm-fringed beaches.

11 days

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 €1,766  pp
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Trip highlights

  • Visiting the Temples and Palaces in Bangkok
  • Sample the street food in Bangkok
  • Try your bartering skills at the colorful night markets
  • Take a ride in an exciting tuk-tuk

Asia's most distinctive city is a haven for those who are fascinated by palaces or golden temples, such as the incredible Grand Palace or the Emerald Buddha Temple. Prepare to be spellbound by the Wat Arun temple, found on the Chao Phraya River with its seventy metre glass spire.

Enjoy spectacular scenery and relax on the stunning palm-fringed beaches of Asia's most popular beach destination, Phuket. It would be easy to spend a eight nights lazing on the beaches, exploring the local shops and restaurants or indulging in a spa treatment or two, but there is so much more to this dream destination. Why not take a speedboat to the spectacular Phang Nga Bay, just northeast of Phuket, where limestone cliffs jut dramatically from the emerald green waters?