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Bangkok, Elephant Hills, and Khao Lak Multi Centre Holiday

A city of excitement and chaos, grandiose luxury, world renowned street food and unrelenting freedom awaits you in fascinating Bangkok. Our Bangkok, Elephant Hills and Khao Lak multi-centre was created to take you on a journey through some of Thailand’s most exciting locations 

Holidays in Bangkok are perfect to experience the ultimate metropolis buzz of Asia. On the famous strips, bars and nightclubs burst with performances and night markets come alive with food and fashion. After the buzzing experience of Bangkok’s frenetic chaos, take a trip to the Elephant Hills Camp in Khao Sok and witness one of the country’s most majestic but sadly endangered mammals - the Thai Elephant. 

A sustainable and ethical sanctuary for rehabilitated elephants provides a luxury twist on the typical safari experience. Set among limestone karsts within one of the world’s oldest rainforest areas, this tropical haven is the perfect way to unwind after the fast pace of Bangkok. Feed, wash and interact with the endangered elephants within a beautiful and open area of lush forests and gardens. 

After a couple of days at Elephant Hills, soak up the sun on a wild yellow sand beach at the nearby Khao Lak. Turquoise waters, soft sands and towering cliffs set a picturesque setting to the end of your travels. Visit dramatic rock formations nearby, where one of the James Bond movies were filmed. Wander into the jungle and discover the five tiered waterfall of Lam Ru. Feel warm, powdery sands beneath your feet with views of bright green forested mountains in the distance. Stroll past coconut tree lined streets and enjoy light lunches on beachfront restaurants. It’s the perfect end to your Thai adventures.


11 days

Guide Price

 €2,199  pp
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Banyan Tree Bangkok Rooftop

Trip highlights

  • Sample the delicious street food favourites in Bangkok
  • Wash, feed and interact with the endangered Thai Elephant in ethical Elephant Hills
  • Swim with whale sharks and manta rays in Similan Island in Khao Lak
  • Lose yourself in the chaotic buzz of Thailand’s most developed city
Floating markets

Bangkok might be the most developed city in Thailand but that’s not to say it’s lost its traditional heritage. Among the chaotic hustle and bustle, the busy bars and neon light strips, sit grand palaces and ancient monuments.

This is a fascinating city which is full of contrasts. Glass luxury megamalls stand side by side with gold plated temples and 200 year old village homes. The city’s great for adventurous foodies, too. You can wander through almost any street corner and find rows of steaming stalls serving up sizzling favourites to the locals.

Finish the day with an evening spent in the swanky jazz and rooftop bars which dot the entire city. Here you’ll find phenomenal 360 views of the glittering cityscape. You can watch as the twinkling lights are turned on, one by one.

Thailand Elephant

African safari meets the natural beauty of Khao Sok at Elephant Hills. The luxury tented jungle camp sits at the foot of green clad mountains and limestone karsts. Here you can experience an ethical, kind alternative to the elephant riding attractions in Thailand. Learn about the elephants from the mahouts (trainers) and spend the next couple of days washing, feeding and interacting with these majestic, endangered mammal.

Between moments with the friendly elephants, sit back and take in the pretty surroundings of the Elephant Hills. You can admire the views of limestone karsts and hopping frogs while being paddled in a canoe. Discover mangrove swamps and jungle lakes before taking a swim in the warm emerald green waters at Cheow Larn Lake. Elephant Hills is a must for visitors who want to get up close and interact with Asia’s largest mammal in a sustainable way.

The quiet coastal region of Khao Lak is the perfect escape from the bustling city of Bangkok. It’s made up of 11 beaches, each boasting their own laid back charm. Adventurous visitors will love hiking in the nearby jungles, while keen divers have the rich Similan and Surin islands to explore. Here you can find large whale sharks and manta rays as they swim within the colourful reefs.

If you prefer to explore the luscious landscapes, National parks are plenty here, too. Book a guided tour or explore for youself. You’ll find mysterious rock formations and jungle greenery surrounding the crystalline waters.

Spend the afternoons sunbathing on the White Sand Beach in Khao Lak. You can watch the slow waves wash up on the powdery shore, or go snorkelling to discover the rich marine life below.