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Khao Lak and Elephant Hills Multi Centre Holiday

A charming collection of beaches hugging the coastline, blissfully white sand and turquoise emerald waters: welcome to Khao Lak. Embrace the peaceful serenity of Thailand’s quiet oasis and then enter the wonderful world of Elephant Hills on our Khao Lak and Elephant Hills multi-centre holiday for an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Holidays in Khao Lak are made for the dreamers and escapists. On the western coastline of Southern Thailand, a beautiful stretch of pristine white sands stretch for miles. Put your feet up in luxury beachfront hotels, sunbathe beside the shores or enjoy a good book under the shade of the swaying palm trees. Venture into the tropical forests and discover plunging waterfalls; tour the national parks and meet elephants, sun bears, mouse deer and marble cats. 

After the total relaxation that Khao Lak brings, leave the beach life behind and head towards the wonderful Elephant Hills. Nestled within Khao Sok National Park, you can discover Thailand’s first luxury tented camp where African safari meets a tropical Thai haven. Come up close with the majestic Thai elephant in an ethical and open sanctuary. Surrounded by evergreen tropical forests and towering mountains, you’ll experience first hand interaction with Thailand’s loved mammal and you won’t have to sacrifice on comfort or luxury. 


11 days
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a small boat in a body of water

Trip highlights

  • Bask on the quiet, sun drenched beaches of Khao Lak
  • Get up close with endangered Thai elephants in the ethical and sustainable Elephant Hills
  • Awaken your inner adventurer with ziplining, diving and jungle trekking in Khao Lak
  • Unwind in Thailand’s first luxury tented camp at Elephant Hills

Located on Thailand’s west coast, Khao Lak is a dreamy escape made of white sand beaches, calm waters and tropical jungles. Just south of Khao Lak, brave the Elephant Zip Line which will take you flying around the jungle, allowing you to take in the breath taking coastal views along the way. For the best diving and snorkelling spots, both Surin or Similan Islands are popular for marine life spotting. Dive in and find dolphins, reef sharks and sea turtles and then book yourself a speed boat tour and explore the surrounding coast.

The locals are friendly and welcoming in Khao Lak and it isn’t uncommon for visitors to be invited to take part in Thai cooking classes. Learn the delicious secrets of Thai cooking in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere within the smiling community. Finish the experience by tasting your own fantastic creations.

Thailand Elephant

Elephant Hills in Kao Sok National Park is a natural haven surrounded by lush jungles and towering limestone mountains. Among the countless elephant sanctuaries with unethical practices, Elephant Hills is a breath of fresh air. This is a strictly protected park where visitors can meet and interact with the wonderful mammals in a fun and sustainable way.

Spend the day learning about the resident elephants and try your hand and feeding, washing and interacting with them. Then, in the evening, rest your mind and body in the luxury tent cabins, complete with all the creature comforts you would expect from a luxury stay. The skilled elephant trainers brief you on your stay and teach you the fascinating story behind Thailand’s first luxury tented camp. Discover Elephant Hills for a refreshing and fascinating insight into Asia’s largest land mammal.