Thailand Rail Holidays

There is something magical about a rail journey. What better way to explore Thailand’s beauty than in a room with an ever changing view. Sit back, and soak up the culture and scenery as you trundle steadily through dramatic rural and urban lands

Excursions in each destination will provide the perfect balance between relaxing on board, and the opportunity to explore these fascinating places off the train.

There are lots of opportunities for shorter journeys too – for example; visit the Kanchanaburi area to experience a ride on the Death Railway. The views are stunning, but it’s the history that makes the journey so special. Visit the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre before starting the trip, as this will add context for the loss of life and appalling conditions men were expected to work in to ensure it was constructed during WWII.

One thing is for sure, a rail journey will add adventure and excitement to your itinerary. Call one of our Destination Specialists to discuss your options.