Indian Ocean – Things to do

Indian Ocean Attractions

Paradise islands are ten a penny in the Indian Ocean. This vast expanse – the world’s third-largest – is scattered with pristine pockets of land in every size and shape, all the way from Africa’s southern tip to Australia. You’ll live out all your desert island dreams on the beaches of the Maldives, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s temples and tea plantations will leave you craving more in the way of culture.

Denis Island

Paradise Shores of the Indian Ocean

With luminescent sand blending gently into the greens and blues of the water, the beaches of the Indian Ocean are as close to paradise as it gets.

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Otentik Cook Class, Mauritius

Rich Culture

Indian Ocean holidays combine a historic journey of a multitude of influences from its surrounding countries to make the perfect combination of warm friendly locals, customs, cuisine and way of life.

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Marine life, Seychelles

In the water

The greatest aquarium on Earth, the Indian Ocean’s warm, clear waters were made for viewing the fascinating marine life in front of you.

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