Tobago – Things to do

Things to do in Tobago

Tobago is so special, you’ll be raving about it once you’ve visited. One half of the Trinidad and Tobago nation, French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once named its Buccoo Reef the third most spectacular on earth. Today, many people call its vibrant carnival, the greatest party on the planet. With mangroves, inviting waterfalls and an unspoilt virgin rainforest, eco-travellers are in their element here.

Buccoo Reef & the Nylon Pool

Tobago is known around the globe as a spectacular diving site. Setting sail from Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Buccoo Reef is home to beautiful South Atlantic coral and more than 600 species of tropical fish. The most infamous of all dive sites is Nylon Pool, a shallow water dive site with crystal clear waters. From here you can explore the coral beds and the populations of jewel coloured fish that live among them.

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Argyle Falls

Concealed by the lush greenery of tropical forest is Argyle Falls. Towering at 175ft tall, it is Tobago’s highest waterfall, which cascades down over three levels. You will reach the falls via a 20 min hike through the jungle, and those with keen eyes will be able to spot plenty of birds and colourful butterflies along the trail. A reward for the pilgrimage is a dip into the cool pools – or perhaps you would prefer to dive in if you are brave enough.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Situated on the southwestern coast, Pigeon Point Heritage Park is a large nature reserve home to Pigeon Point Beach. Explore the protected natural spectacles and wildlife that call this place home, it's the perfect way to spend your day. Enjoy sunbathing on the award-winning beach, take a boat trip to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool then head back for lunch and finish your afternoon with more sunbathing or a swim in the waters. Entrance fees apply $20TTD per person (subject to change).


With stunning forests and waterfalls located at the centre, nature reserves dotted across it, and reefs located off the shores it is no wonder an abundance of wildlife like to call Tobago their home. Nature lovers will be in their element; take a pair of binoculars to view the many species of birds singing in the trees, pack a camera to capture the turtles slowly sliding across the beaches or head underwater to view the marine life at Buccoo Reef.

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