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Dubai and Sri Lanka Multi Centre Holiday

Combine the best parts of both countries in one incredible getaway with our Dubai and Sri Lanka multi-centre holiday. In this creative holiday combination, you can enjoy the thrills of one of the world’s busiest cities before immersing yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich culture and beautiful beaches. 

This convenient multi-centre allows you to extend your stop over in Dubai en route to Sri Lanka. We recommend a stay of at least two nights in the city, in order to really dive into the intricacies of the destination. Plan to indulge in some swanky dining, permissive retail therapy and plenty of jaw dropping sight seeing. Dubai is home to numerous impressive vistas. From glittering desert landscapes to its futuristic architecture, you’ll have a chance to take it all in.  

Finish your holiday on the tranquil beaches of Sri Lanka. Spend long lazy days on the sands, or set off on one of the many adventures that are just waiting to be uncovered. From walking through sacred, beautifully adorned temples to climbing rock fortresses and gazing at preserved archaeological relics, there is never a dull moment.


11 days

Guide Price

 €1,679  pp
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Aerial view of The Palm

Trip highlights

  • Take in the iconic cityscape of Dubai from the world’s tallest skyscraper - Burj Khalifa
  • Climb the legendary ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya
  • Immerse yourself in the scenic desert landscapes in the dusty dunes of Dubai
  • Marvel at the beautiful Buddha paintings and statues in Dambulla Cave Temple
a tall building in a city

You really have to throw yourself into the harried, lively lifestyle of the city in order to appreciate the gems of Dubai.

Be sure to kick start your sight seeing escapades with a visit to the Burj Khalifa and, if you dare, a climb all the way to the highest viewing deck. It currently stands at 1,820 feet. The Dubai Mall, which is home to over 1,300 retail stores and 200 restaurants, is a great place to immerse yourself in the city’s culture.

Venture off for a quieter experience by embarking upon a desert safari surrounded by Dubai’s expansive desert landscape. Conclude the adventure with a peaceful night of stargazing at a traditional Bedouin camp where you can savour the twinkling sky and the soothing song of the crickets.

SriLanka SeemaMalakatemple Colombo

Sri Lanka offers equal parts relaxation and adventure. It’s up to you how much you would like of each.

Relish in the shimmering, sandy beaches and the rhythmic crashing of the ocean on one of Sri Lanka’s countless beaches. Some of the most sought after beaches in the country include Wijaya Beach, which is awash with adorable turtles and palm trees overhanging the glistening turquoise waters. Alternatively, try Mirissa beach, which is ideal for water activities, including surfing and snorkelling. For a quiet, undisturbed hidden location, head to Secret Beach Mirissa.

Adventurous travellers to Sri Lanka should consider climbing Sigiriya, the iconic ancient rock fortress which reaches for the sky at well over 650 feet tall. Alternatively, delve into Sri Lanka’s Buddhist culture with a visit to Dambulla Cave Temple, which is adorned with hundreds of paintings and statues of Buddha himself.