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Dubai and Sri Lanka Multi Centre

Why limit yourself to one destination? Emirates offer regional departures from across the UK and fly via Dubai to dozens of Hayes & Jarvis destinations. And you can't experience a city as opulent and extravagant as Dubai from the departures hall, as lovely as it is! So venture into the city for a few nights and experience a city like no other. Set between the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and the unspoiled desertscape of sand dunes and more sand dunes this rapidly expanding city is the ideal place to break up your journey. Stay in the heart of the downtown district for unobstructed views of the infamous Burj Khalifa and access to some of the world'd best shopping malls or alternatively stay on the private shores of Jumeirah Beach and The Palm to enjoy some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. They say opposites attract and in this case it is certainly true. Because where Dubai is anything but shy about its attractions, Sri Lanka's reserved modesty offers a complete different type of indulgence. From Elephant safaris to authentic Ayurveda Spa treatments to historic ruins and forts you will spoil the senses on this island of contrasts. We recommend touring the country to make the most of your time there.

11 days

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Trip highlights

  • Visit the tallest building in the world
  • Take an adrenaline pumping dune safari in the Dubai desert

Choose opulent Dubai for the ultimate in luxury holidays.This desert metropolis combines urban decadence with a relaxing beach stay with something to suit all tastes.

Sri Lanka holidays are infused with the pleasant scent of tea plantations and rich exotic spices. The beauty of this emerald isle lies amidst its colourful culture, soft golden beaches and lush green hillsides.